10 Unconventional Uses for Steel Storage Containers

Did you know that 90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea? And all of the goods that travel by boat get packed snugly into safe, secure steel storage containers.

They make the logistics industry as efficient as it can be, ensuring goods get where they need to go in the shortest amount of time. And even though the majority of shipping containers actually serve their purpose by carrying goods overseas, there is a surplus of containers available.

Anyone business or resident can purchase a shipping container if they want to, and place it anywhere they want, such as at your home or business location.

And you can do anything you want with it! Upcycling a storage container is perfect for those who like to tinker since you can make it anything you want it to be. Here are 10 uses for a storage container that you’ve probably never thought of.

1. Business Storage

Many companies are looking for cheap, temporary storage options all the time. Maybe they are remodeling their facility, one section at a time. To do this, they may need to move desks, chairs, and equipment out of each section.

With a storage container in their parking lot, they can easily move stuff into and out of the container at will, locking it up to keep it safe. This is much more convenient than piling stuff into other corners of the office, cramming everyone’s workspace, or having to move it to an offsite facility.

2. Backyard Studio

Do you dream of having your own, backyard studio for art, music, or just your daily work routine? Outfitting an intermodal container can be much cheaper than building a studio or shed from scratch.

If you’ve got some tools, you can lay some flooring in the container, add some windows, and even insulate it so it’s comfortable in the summer and winter. To prevent it from being an eyesore, you can decorate the outside or cover it with trees and plants, so it blends into your backyard.

3. Playhouse

Tuff Shipping Containers don’t always need to be used for tough purposes. Shipping containers can be used for a backyard playhouse, too. Just like you can outfit the inside to be productive for adults, you can outfit the inside to be a playroom for your kiddos.

This can help you keep some of their messiest toys out of the house and in a contained area, to prevent your home from toddler destruction every day. You can also use it for the larger toys that don’t fit in your homes, such as jumbo dollhouses, giant blocks, or baby gymnastics equipment.

4. Coffee Shop Made of Steel Storage Containers

There are coffee shops all over the world that have built small cafes using shipping containers rather than traditional building materials. This serves multiple purposes.

For instance, the overall coffee industry is very concerned with the environment and preserving natural resources. So recycling is foundational to many coffee brands.

On top of that, shipping containers are unique, modern, and super cool. A coffee shop made of containers markets itself, causing a neverending stream of traffic, especially in tourist areas.

5. Tiny House

Forget about a backyard studio. How about a backyard home, instead? The tiny house movement is still going strong, and shipping containers are still a popular choice for those looking to build one themselves.

Many crafty individuals will use multiple containers to build a slightly bigger, yet still tiny house.

6. Construction Projects

Commercial construction projects can last many months, if not years. Even residential construction can take upwards of a year.

But contractors who are working from the same job site for weeks and months at a time don’t want to deal with the burden of moving tools and materials to and from the job site each day.

So many will drop off a shipping container when starting work at a new site. These can store valuable tools and materials during the project. They are fire-resistant and can be locked up at the end of the day.

7. Barn or Shed

Who needs a wooden barn or shed when you can use a much more modern shipping container instead. Unlike your outdated wooden shed, shipping containers are water and wind tight, keeping your equipment as safe as possible.

They are less likely to be damaged in the event of a natural disaster, like a hurricane or tornado. Your little wooden shed, on the other hand, might not be there at all after an event like that.

8. Portable Clinics

Portable clinics can provide important medical care in locations where it’s needed most. While shipping container clinics have been commonly set up by NGOs in the developing world for years, they are becoming more common in the US as well.

Amid the pandemic, many portable container clinics have been set up outside drugstores and medical facilities, to test individuals. People needing testing can pull up to the appropriate container, get tested, and drive off without having to enter a medical facility, which can increase the risk of transmission.

9. Schools

When building materials are hard to come by, a school can be built out of shipping materials instead. At least one fully operational school has been built in Malawi using numerous shipping contains.

Used shipping containers can be obtained cheap or even free, lowering the cost to assemble schools for communities in need.

10. Food Truck

Looking to break into the restaurant business without going broke? Start off with a food truck. But not a standard food truck, as those are expensive, too.

Instead, install a mini shipping container onto the bed of a truck for a fun, DIY, trendy option. These trucks work great for catering events, festivals, and weddings.

Giving Containers a Second Chance

Steel storage containers are used in every country. Every person around the world depends on the goods that are imported or exported using these containers.

But when they aren’t needed on a boat anymore, steel storage containers can continue to live a useful life, as long as you’re willing to get a little creative.

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