10 Ways To Conserve Energy And Save On Your Electric Bill

One thing that most people have in common is that they want to save money any way they can, especially when you are talking about your power bill. Prices are on the rise, and from the looks of things, it is not likely to go down any time soon. In fact, the experts predict that your bill’s cost will go up by as much as 50%, which is a fairly sizeable chunk of change. 

There really is no point in stressing about the increases because there is not much you can do about it, not on their end anyway. There are numerous things you can do on your end, but today you are here to discover 10 ways to conserve energy and save on your electric bill, so let’s get to it.

  1. Lights – Turn the lights off when you leave the room. Switch on the lamp if you do not need the large overhead lights. If turning them off is too hard to remember, install some light switches with sensors that can turn them off for you. Don’t forget the outdoor lights, either. If possible, they should be changed to solar-powered lights, so they do not add to your bill when they come on at night.
  2. Light Bulbs – The old-style light bulbs may be cheap and easy to find, but they are not the best choice. Invest in some energy-saving light bulbs and eliminate anything that is not LED. That means switching out the fluorescents you have in the shop and adding LED track lighting in places that require more light.
  3. Thermostat – Turning the thermostat down one degree in the winter and up one in the summer will make a drastic difference in your bill. If you feel like saving more, switch the temperature by a couple degrees, you may be surprised how much that can make a difference.
  4. Insulation – Check the status of your insulation and if you need some added, roll your sleeves up and get it done. If it is a place such as an attic, you can hire a professional to spray some more in there to help.
  5. Compare – One of the best ways to save some money on your electric bill is to take the time to compare all the service providers in your area. There is no reason to stick with what you know, even though it is stressful to switch anything once it is established. What you want to do is go to an online comparison site, such as iSelect, and let them send you some offers. From there, read through them and find the one that offers the best service for the lowest price.
  6. Appliances – Replacing your appliances may be an expense that you cannot afford at the moment, but if you switch out one at a time from the old dinosaurs to the newer, energy-efficient versions, you will save enough money on your bill to pay for them reasonably fast.
  7. Hot Water – Turn the hot water tank down to 140 degrees, no lower. This will prevent the tank from having to come on so much to keep the temperature up.
  8. Showers – Turn the hot water down and take faster showers. If you need to soak in hot water, go to a friend’s house with a hot tub.
  9. Dishes – Instead of washing everything by hand, it is better on the water, and the power, to run them through a good dishwasher. Just make sure that the load is full and that you turn it to air dry instead of using heat.
  10. Vampires – There are vampires everywhere, and not the ones with fangs. The mobile phone charger, the laptop charger, the new TVs with sleep mode, and so on. If something is not in use, turn it off and unplug it.

There are many ways to reduce your electric bill and conserve energy, but the simplest ones will have the most significant impact. If you cannot seem to locate the area that is drawing the most power, you can hire a professional to come and check it out with their equipment. They will be able to give you a detailed analysis of your energy usage and show you where your problem areas are. 

From there, it is a simple process to make some changes and lower your bill while reducing the footprint you and your family are leaving on the Earth.

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