4 Hubs for the Arts in the Mid-Atlantic


Art is one of the most important parts of human life. Not only does it give us something to help us express our emotions and recognize them in others: it helps us connect to cultures we don’t even share languages with. Unfortunately, although we all seek out art, it can be hard to find the best place to stop for it. 

If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic and want some incredible music to enjoy: consider stopping in one of these amazing cities to get the most of it!


Baltimore’s art scene comes in many layers. From the contemporary galleries that are world-renowned and the museums that are toured by anyone who enters the city: to the underground art scene and the intrigue of street art, there’s a lot to see here.

This city is plagued by a very noticeable imbalance in wealth, so these two very different art scenes exist very separately in the city. Although you can find beautiful art anywhere in this city, it’s even better with the context of why it’s here and who created it.


Nashville’s art comes in many forms! From gorgeous illustrations and paintings to the amazing musicians that call this city home, you won’t find anything quite like this city. Many artists here tend to go with a strange and fun approach to art, allowing it to be hailed as a ‘weirdo art town’ where many artists are trying new things and surprising everyone who visits.

You can see art throughout the city in murals and tagging and in the galleries, where a large assortment of types of art is available for anyone to view. Nashville is a perfect mix of location and inspiration that comes together into awesome music.


If you’re looking for art in the Mid-Atlantic, you’d be missing out if you didn’t stop in Philadelphia! This city’s art scene has tons of artist-run spaces, museums, and street art that ensure you can feel what the artists want you to feel. This allows Philadelphia’s art scene to have a more organic reputation, coming off as by and for the artists. Although there are still tons of galleries and museums here, you’ll feel different energy if you stop to look at art while browsing Philadelphia houses for sale

New York City

NYC is world known for its art scene! Not only is it home to the largest selection of artists in the country, but it’s also full to the brim with museums, galleries, pop-up art shows, conventions, and more! This is a great place to make a living as an artist and an even better place to consume art. If you don’t mind the higher price tag that comes with this city, you’ll find a lot to be in awe of while you’re in New York City.

We All Need Art to Thrive

Without art, we’d all have far less interesting lives. From the entertainment we consume to the clothing we wear, art touches every part of all of our lives. Consider visiting one of these hot art hubs soon!

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