4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

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There are many different types of attorneys, and if you’re involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence such as a car accident, then you need a personal injury attorney. But, hiring an attorney is more than finding out which kind of attorney you need to hire. Here are four questions to ask your potential personal injury lawyer before you take them on as your legal representation.

Is My Personal Injury Case Worth Much?

Estimating the worth of personal injury cases is a difficult task, as not one case is the same. Yet, a lawyer will be able to give you an estimate once they find out the details of your claim. If your case is not worth much, then a lawyer may tell you that it’s in your best interest to not file a claim and to instead settle the issue with your insurance company.

How Much Will I Pay For Your Legal Services?

When pursuing a settlement, there are some personal injury claims that you want to avoid. Like, on top of not asking the right question, you could make the mistake of thinking that litigation isn’t affordable. By making this mistake, you can miss out on getting the financial compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Some lawyers represent clients on what is called a contingency fee. By having a contingency fee, you don’t have to pay your lawyer anything unless they win your personal injury settlement. This is a more cost-efficient option for people who may not be able to pay large legal retainer fees.

Who Will Handle My Case?

When hiring a lawyer, your first consultation will likely be with a senior lawyer of the firm. Yes, that may not mean that they will be the ones handling the bulk of your case.

While it’s normal to work closely with a paralegal, a paralegal cannot give you legal advice. It’s in your best interest to know that the lawyer will be there to answer your legal questions when necessary.

Do You Have Have the Knowledge Necessary To Handle My Case?

Just because they are a personal injury lawyer doesn’t mean that they have experience handling every type of personal injury case. For example, a lawyer may be well versed in car accident claims, but have never dealt with a slip and fall claim.

Ask if the lawyer has experience with claims like yours and if they can show you the results of those claims. By doing so, you can be confident in the lawyer’s ability to handle your case as they’ve successfully handled similar cases before.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney With Confidence

No one ever wants to be involved in a personal injury claim, but if you find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer, then you want to find the best lawyer possible. Now that you know the right questions to ask when you hire a lawyer, you can be confident that you’ll have the best personal injury attorney to represent you in your claim.

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