5 Benefits of Traveling During Summer in Small Towns

Summer travels are often the most exciting and fun. After all, we all eagerly wait for summer to relax and enjoy ourselves to the max. There are too many places that are surely worth your time and money. So if you’ve been thinking about taking a trip to a new place, then it’s time to think about a small town as your next destination. For that reason, here are some benefits of traveling in small towns during summer. 

1. You’ll have more time to enjoy yourself 

Staying in a hotel resort will provide you with a lot of comforts, but in return, you’ll have to abide by hotel rules, plus you’ll likely pay more for all the services and benefits. On the other hand, going to a popular tourist destination or staying in a big town means you’ll have to wade through the traffic and big crowds. Small towns, on the other hand, are more peaceful, so you’ll have more time to walk around and enjoy yourself. Additionally, it’s advisable to research all the amenities and sites prior to arriving, and if possible, make a list of all the places that you want to visit. That way, you’ll be able to organize your day and make it more productive and fun. 

2. Small towns are easier to navigate

If you’re traveling by car, then you’re aware of how difficult it is to get from point A to point B in a big city. In small towns, this problem is virtually non-existent, as there’s far less traffic, and much more benefits. Plus, chances of finding a parking spot go up when you leave a big city. Another benefit of staying in a small town is that you can freely decide whether you want to drive, cycle or walk. This is a great option if you’re looking for a more active type of holiday. Being able to switch between different modes of transportation will give you enough freedom to spend your vacation as you please. 

3. You’ll be able to find a better accommodation 

Of course, you don’t need luxurious accommodation if you’re mainly planning to visit historic landmarks and other important sites. But, it’s still important to find a suitable place to stay, so you can feel comfortable throughout the trip. Small towns are a great suggestion, as they offer more possibilities to find better accommodation. For example, Texas, as the largest US state, is also a popular tourist destination. Aside from Dallas and Houston, there are countless other small towns worth visiting. You can find apartments for rent in Lubbock and enjoy this small town to the fullest. An accommodation might not be always crucial, but it can play a big role and make your vacation much more convenient and pleasant. 

4. Proximity to nature is a big advantage

Bigger cities and popular tourist spots might have parks and botanical gardens, but small towns are usually closer to nature which is a big plus. If you’re someone who enjoys hiking, camping, or outdoor yoga, then it’s best to visit a small town this summer. You’ll be treated to a lot of fresh air, gorgeous nature, and peacefulness. If your goal is to have a carefree, serene and enjoyable trip, then nature should be a part of that plan, and small towns are better suited for this type of vacation. Make sure you google all the hiking trails, campsites, and lakes before you embark on a trip, so you’ll know where to go once you arrive at your destination. 

5. Trying local foods is always a plus

One true upside of traveling is the chance to try different and diverse local foods. Besides, in small towns the majority of eateries, restaurants and cafés are family-owned, which means you’ll be supporting local businesses, which is a great move. In any small town, there’s at least one restaurant that offers specialties of the local variety. Just check in advance, so you can be informed about the menu, prices, and reservation options. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with eating in a chain-owned restaurant, but a small town, family-owned business is always the best and most sustainable choice. 


These are some of the benefits of traveling in small towns during summer. Some small towns are historically important places, while others are simply gorgeous and scenic. Visiting a small town during summer will help you appreciate the beauty of nature and the slow way of living. Plus, you’ll still be able to rest and relax, while still having a busy and fun-filled trip. 

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