5 Essentials You Need for A Grant Application 


The grant application is not complete without compiling all the proper documentation. But what documents do you need to complete your grant application? To know the documents to attach. First, have an idea why you should get the government grants, your business history, and your mission statement. Plus, the problem you want to solve and its relevance. In this way, you can prepare the relevant documentation to attach to your grant proposal before you submit it. Below are the essentials you need while preparing to apply for a grant.

  1. Detailed business plan 

The business plan varies depending on your company. But most of these business plans include specific components. First, add the company description where you give an overview of your company. Include the structure of the business and the services offered. Once you know these, outline them with a clear explanation. Finally, add the financial projections or goals. This is the expectation of the money you want to make and ways to fund your business in the future.  

  1. Project description 

The project description is the funder to know how you plan to achieve your goals and vision. You can pull details about equipment, personnel, and other items from your budget to show how they all help your business be successful and accomplish your mission. Also, share information about strategies and methods you have in place to help your business. Plus, explain how it is possible to apply these methods once you receive the grant money. If you have examples from previous projects, feel free to share them. Sharing clear explanations will give your potential funder an idea of your past accomplishments and an idea of your work ethic. 

  1. Written mission, history, and vision for your business

Here you shine a light on why your business is unique. Outline the business history and how you were able to start. Thus, consider the company’s mission and the future of the business. Also, the uniqueness of what you bring to the market. And the benefit of the grant is helping fill the space in the industry. Use these sections to show how passionate you are and to allow the readers to know your story. You want to appeal to connect to the mission of the funder.

  1. Detailed budget

What is in your budget? Every business is unique, and every budget needs to have certain sections to be complete. These include the personnel payroll of how you plan to pay them. The travel expenses, if travel is necessary and give clear reasoning. Add the equipment costs and explain why you need equipment running successfully. For all the things you include in the budget, explain how they contribute to the growth of your business. The supplies you need to run your business are vital to be part of the budget. More importantly, the services you need to hire for the project. And provide all the details necessary. Notably, include the audited financials for the funder to view. The financial statements to submit are the income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and projected financial figures. 

  1. Cover letter 

The cover letter is another crucial part of the grant application. You need to ensure your cover letter is not ill-prepared, for it can turn the potential funders away. The cover letter is a formal introduction to your business. Therefore, you need to know how best to structure your cover letter. For instance, it should be simple, address the funder and do so by their name, hit the key points of the cover letter, and introduce yourself, your company, and the need for your business. Also, explain the organizations’ goals and business structure. Finally, end it on a positive note.

To sum up, once you comply with the essentials and vital documents for submitting your grant application. You need to wait to know if you won the grant. There is more you can add to your grant application but having these sections gives you a strong foundation as you apply for grants. When you are unsure of what to include, reach out to get clarity from the grant organization. 

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