6 DIY tips for cleaning your mattress

cleaning your mattress

You can wash everything on your bed except your mattress, because no washer or dryer is big enough, and even if you wash it, it won’t have time to dry before you need to sleep again. So how do you make sure your mattress smells good and stays clean? Here are a few tricks on how to clean your mattress, and the best part is that you don’t even need a fancy appliance to do it!

  1. protect your mattress by covering it with covers and mattress pads before you make your bed with fresh linens so that dirt is minimized by the time it reaches the mattress. The great thing about these protective layers is that they are washable and reusable. By keeping dirt and germs off the mattress itself, you’ll have an easier time keeping your bed clean and fresh. Visit also: Mattress cleaning in Surry hills
  1. Change your bed linens regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust, germs, and dirt. Wash your sheets with bleach and at the highest temperature in the washing machine to kill persistent germs. Clean the sheets and apply stain remover to remove stains. After washing, put the sheets in the dryer for a final warm-up to make sure the germs have not had time to survive and get back on your mattress.
  2. Flip your mattress regularly to keep it in shape. Flipping your mattress also ensures that no dust or dirt accumulates on it.
  3. baking soda is a good remedy if you want a clean mattress. Start by pouring a large amount of baking soda on your bare mattress. And leave it for at least 6 hours, but better leave it all day. Baking soda has the ability to draw dirt, stains, odors, and even moisture out of the mattress. So leave it on the mattress as long as possible. After soaking, vacuum the mattress thoroughly and try to remove all baking soda from the mattress. Or you’ll have to sleep and wake up in a bed of “snow.”
  4. Air your mattress every six months. Airing your mattress will help get rid of bugs that tend to settle in damp and dark environments. Take the mattress outside and leave it in the sun for about six hours or more. Remember to keep your mattress dry at all times, as a damp mattress promotes bugs and germs!
  5. spray it! Spraying your mattress with cleaning products will not only eliminate odors but will also kill any germs that may be under the mattress. Not only does it eliminate odors and germs, but it also makes your mattress look fresh and feel fresh!

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