6 Easiest Tips To Clean Rugs Without Vaccum

6 Easiest Tips To Clean Rugs Without Vaccum

We usually look in a vacuum. If we want to clean our area rug or carpet. But not everyone can afford to buy a vacuum. Moreover, vacuums cause too much noise as well. So, for whatever reason rugs can be clean without any gadget help. There are a lot of options available in rugs and carpets. And oriental weaver rugs are greatly styled with an Egyptian touch. So, they need to be cleaned regularly. 

There are many ways to clean dust and dirt from carpets and rugs without using a vacuum. So, make sure you can move the carpet. What is the size of either wall to wall or too large? Choose from the tips given below to clean your rugs and remove stains without vacuum.

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  1. Rug/Carpet Sweeper
  2. Rug Beater
  3. Bristled Scrub Brush
  4. Sticky Rug Roller
  5. Shaking
  6. Broom And Dustpan
  7. Where To Buy Quality Oriental Weaver Rugs
  8. Conclusion

Rug/Carpet Sweeper:

You can buy any manual carpet sweeper at way less cost than a vacuum. So, the carpet sweeper doesn’t need much power supply. No major settings. Thus, they are too simple to use.  Moreover, carpet sweepers can be operated at the same pace as vacuums. The sweepers have two or more two electrostatic rollers. Which roll over the carpet or rug.

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 So, it picks up all dust, pet loose hair, debris, and edible crumbs. Thus, the dust and dirt fall in the bin or trash bag attached to it. You can empty it later after cleaning all your rugs. Lastly, sweepers majority use over rugs, carpets, and hard floors.

Rug Beater:

If you have more area rugs or small size rugs in your home. So, take your rug outside and hang it over a wall, porch railing, fence, or any heavy furniture. Take a rug or carpet beater. And smash it on the rug surface multiple times. Thus, it will remove a significant amount of loose dirt and dust.

 Moreover, the rug beater is made up of rattan. It has a sturdy handle and a paddle at the end. So, start smashing the carpet from the start till the very end. This will take out all the dust and dirt. And also will be so satisfying. In addition, make sure to beat down both sides to get the best results.

Bristled Scrub Brush:

A stiff-bristled scrub brush will take out all dust and debris efficiently. So, it is considered very efficient and best for cleaning rugs and carpets. Thus, take your rugs outside and hang them on the supportive items.

 So, start scrubbing from the top till the end. It will pull out dust and dirt with its strong short bristle strokes. As they jolt the pile of rug till the end. Moreover, it cleans out debris, hair from rugs’ surfaces. But make sure to use a well-clean bristle scrub brush.

Sticky Rug Roller:

Just like linen lint roller or sticky packing tape on your hand works best to pull lint or hair away. So, the same is the work action of stick rollers. As the long handle makes it easy to clean rugs. As there will be more torque effect and less energy required to move. 

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Moreover, this sticky roller has wide sheets. So, you can peel them off. They are full of dirt and dust and are useless now. In addition, these sticky rollers work best if you have any pets at home. As they pick up pet hair from rugs and upholstery furniture.


So, for small carpets, rugs, and doormats. Shaking can be an amazing method to clean the dirt and dust out of them. Thus, take your rug or carpet to an outdoor space. And hold it firmly with both hands. And shake them well. Moreover, after shaking well, beat the dust out of the rug for cleaner rugs and carpets.

Broom And Dustpan:

Broom and dustpan are considered the easiest and affordable method to cleans rugs. So, make sure the broom has stiff bristles. Thus, it can loosen the dirt and lift away the dirt from the carpet pile. Moreover, you can use a small size dustpan or a long handle to lessen the need to bend.

 Start from one end of the carpet or rug till the other end. So, make sure to cover the whole rug and carpet. Simply do short and quick strokes to pull out the stubborn dust and dirt. Moreover, if the debris pile up sweeps it into a dustpan. To avoid spreading it again.

Where To Buy Quality Oriental Weaver Rugs:

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In conclusion, rugs and carpets look super gorgeous in homes. But if they are full of dirt and dust. They can be risky to hold as they can cause allergies. Moreover, they also look odd and ugly. So, it is vital to clean them regularly. There are many methods to clean them without a vacuum. As vacuum is costly and difficult to use. 

So, read the above cleaning tips to try them today at your home. And get provenly effective cleaning results. Make sure to choose the best type of carpet like Oriental Weaver Carpets. Lastly, as they hold less dirt and are super easy to clean. 

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