6 Easy Ways To Decorate A Living Room On a budget?


A well-designed living room is a must for every home since it is often the most utilised room. You don’t have to spend a bunch to create a beautiful, functional place. Budget-friendly halls decorating and furnishings are essential when decorating on a small budget. To redecorate your living space on a tight budget, you need a few high-quality items. Changing the colour palette, ornamental accents, or furniture placement may significantly impact the overall look of the room without breaking the bank. So take advantage of these budget-friendly living room or hall interior décor ideas and get the living room of your dreams with the help of the best home interior designers in Bangalore to give this place a new look.

1. Decorate The Living Room Using Natural Elements

Low-maintenance plants may bring a sculptural aspect to a space for a reasonable price. Look for unique leaf shapes and vibrant greenery to liven up your living space. Fill a space in your living area with a hanging plant or a potted one on the centre table. If you don’t have enough natural light in your living space, or you’re unsure how to take care of plants, go for artificial plants that seem just like real things. A simple natural arrangement like the one that you find in Bangalore’s Lalbagh Botanical Garden may be made by gathering flowers from your garden (or purchasing the imitation type from a craft shop) and keeping it firmly in a flower pot.

2. Rearrange the furniture in the living room.

If you want to freshen your hall on a budget, use that which is owned by you. To completely transform your drawing room on a budget, get rid of anything that doesn’t belong, get rid of the clutter, and reconsider how you arrange your furniture. Move furniture around with the assistance of a helper until you find an arrangement that you like. Group chairs and couches together in conversational areas.

3. Paint Is the Way to Go For Easy Makeover

Painting a space can make a huge difference. DIY decorators may save money on their living room projects by using paint. Bring new life to worn-out flooring and walls while accentuating the room’s architectural details. To create a cosy atmosphere, go for wall colours that enhance your desired mood while complementing your current furniture and personal style.

4. Create a Space That Is Uniquely Yours

Your living space may be more personal by displaying mementoes from your trips, interests, and favourite moments. Decorate your home with family photos, framed genealogy charts, and maps of your favourite locales. Decorate your living space with lettering or signs that mention the name or ancestral surname. 

5. Make a Statement with a Few Accessories

Using just a few statement items, you can create cost-effective stylish space. When shopping for new furniture, look for pieces with stunning fabrics or finishes and eye-catching shapes or vivid colour accents. Few dramatic pieces, such as an eye-catching rug or an eye-catching wall art, are all that is needed to draw attention. Instead, pair them with white or off-white walls, neutral upholstered furniture, muted window treatments, and little decorative details to create a striking contrast.

6. Invest wisely in your living room decor.

You may appreciate the more excellent things in life without breaking the bank by using pricey materials sparingly but meaningfully. For example, use a beautiful wallpaper as a background for built-in shelving or as a focal point on a wall. Use a less costly coffee table and a low-maintenance upholstered pouffe to make the most of your leather couch or accent chair. Create pillows that showcase pricey silks, brocades, and velvets on their face but have inexpensive fabric backs.


From hanging a sheet of wallpaper to painting your current furniture, there are a variety of simple DIYs and inexpensive changes you can make to your living room without spending a lot of money. Once you know which ideas you want to executive to renovate your living rooms, you can contact the experts home interior designers in Bangalore via NoBroker.in 


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