6 Situations That Require A Plumbing Professional 

Basic plumbing is just one of those things that people, most especially homeowners, have to learn. It’s like knowing how to check your oil or tire pressure if you have a car. This way, you can do minor repairs to make your home’s pipes, drains, and faucets usable and maintain their pristine condition. However, even if some plumbing projects can be learned, a plumbing professional better deals with some repairs and situations.  

Why You Should Leave Some Plumbing Jobs To The Professionals

It’s essential to contact a company like FPG to do these tough plumbing jobs efficiently and correctly. Some plumbing issues might be too difficult or nearly impossible to fix without the specialized knowledge, tools, and equipment that plumbing professionals have. If you try to do these projects on your own, it’s also possible to worsen the situation or cause more damage to your piping. 

Simply put, complex plumbing problems should be left to professional plumbers to preserve the structural integrity of your home’s pipe system and avoid costly repairs from DIY mistakes. 


However, you might be wondering which jobs or situations you need to call a pro. Read on to find out. 

  1. Repair and Unclog Sewer Lines

Sewer liner repairs can be tricky, mainly because they run inside walls and under the ground. Jobs like sewer pipe rerouting can be impossible with just your basic plumbing tools at home. For example, if tree roots and sewer lines intersect, the pipes will get pushed away and damaged. So, it’s essential to dig through the ground, get the existing pipe out, and reroute it correctly. Unfortunately, it’s also a job that can get dirty, and if you’re not sure about what you’re doing and do not precisely have a planned solution, the situation can get awry. 

Furthermore, certain sewer cleaning liquids are used when dealing with sewer clogs. However, the wrong choice of unclogging solutions and corrosive liquids can decrease the lifespan of your pipes and pose potential health hazards for you and your family. Thus, any sewage problem should be given utmost professional attention knowing that sewage can back up the toilets and drains. 

  1. Fix Gas Leaks 

Having a gas leak at home is extremely frightening and dangerous because it can affect your health and cause a fire or explosion. 

Thus, you need to have gas line repairs done immediately and correctly to avoid accidents. Doing it yourself is a big no because of how hazardous the task is. Instead, let professional plumbers handle this situation as they are also qualified to handle gas leakage problems. 

  1. Remodelling Projects

Remodelling projects at home is exciting, especially when thinking about interior design. But the more technical aspects, such as plumbing, are tasks you’ll want to leave to pro plumbers. 

For instance, upgrades, adding new piping, or adapting the pipelines to fit the new layout should be left to the pros to guarantee their functionality and efficiency. 

  1. Repair And Installation Of Septic Tanks

Whether you need to do maintenance, repairs, or a new installation, having this task done by professionals is the best option. Like sewer lines, septic tanks are also another job that can get dirty and difficult to deal with. But this is also partly because septic tanks can get technical.

For example, there are various kinds of septic tanks. Each type functions differently when it comes to handling wastewater coming from your home. Because of this, it’s crucial to have the proper knowledge about septic tanks to better understand how to spot problems, identify the right solutions, and execute the appropriate repairs needed. 

  1. Any Plumbing Job That Requires A Permit

Depending on where you live, certain home repairs and projects will require one permit, and sometimes even more. It’s also important to remember that any plumbing job that requires a permit must also be done by a contractor, such as a professional plumber. 

As there may be required inspections at the end of the project, contracted plumbing services guarantee that project output is up to code. 

  1. Any Plumbing Job You’re Not Confident In Doing

Finally, you’ll want to call a plumber for any repairs or installations that you’re not confident in doing yourself. Besides, it’s also understandable that not many people have the time to learn how to do some of these jobs, let alone do it themselves. 


DIY plumbing jobs such as installing a faucet or dealing with a leaky pipe are simple, but a pro plumber is just a call away if you don’t have the time for it.


Plumbing is an integral part of a home, so it’s essential to make sure that everything is well maintained and in proper working condition. This way, you don’t have to deal with leaks, stinky drains, and dangerous situations like a gas leak. And to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape, calling a pro plumber is necessary, even if it’s just for inspections. 

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