7 Ways to Speed Up Your Mac

Speed Up Your Mac

Did you know that over 20 million Americans bought some type of Mac computer in the last year?

While Macs have always been designed to prioritize user-friendliness, that doesn’t mean the products are perfect. Mac users may be devoted, but they still have their complaints.

One of the top issues people talk about is Mac speeds. If you’ve been battling your slow computer, then keep reading to learn 5 simple tricks that can help speed up your Mac.

1. Close Apps You’re Not Using

When it comes to speeding up your Mac, you should get into the habit of shutting down any apps that you aren’t using. Running apps use precious resources to stay open that could otherwise get directed to other tasks you’d like to accomplish faster.

2. Update Your Apps

If you’ve noticed that only a few apps are having a hard time keeping up with you, then they might be to blame instead of your whole computer. Open the App Store and see if your apps have any updates to install.

3. Update Your OS

One of the best tips for boosting your Mac speed is to stay up to date with OS updates. These updates should pop up on your computer whenever they’re available, but it doesn’t hurt to check the App Store to double-check that you’re running the latest OS.

4. Free Up Your Hard Drive

Not many people know that fuller hard drives can slow down their computers. Whether you uninstall the apps that you no longer use or transfer some content to an external hard drive or cloud, freeing up space will allow your computer to breathe.

5. Try a Basic Restart

People like to joke about how turning electronics off and on again can fix any problem. While this technique isn’t magical, sometimes a basic restart can work wonders for improving your Mac’s speed.

6. Reduce Startup Apps

Apple has a handy feature that allows users to program which apps they’d like to open whenever they turn on their computers. While this can help you start your activities sooner in theory, trying to open too many apps at once can overwhelm your Mac.

Go to your Settings and adjust how many apps you’d like to open at startup.

7. Investigate the Activity Monitor

If you still can’t pinpoint what’s slowing your computer down, then you can open your Mac’s Activity Monitor to get a list of all the programs that are chewing up the most resources.

Now You Know How to Speed Up Your Mac

Figuring out how to speed up your Mac may seem impossible when you’re not sure what’s causing the problem. By following this guide, you can try the most effective tricks that can help boost your computer’s performance.

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