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The Lug is a patented product that lets you travel with your luggage and clothing safely, conveniently, and efficiently. The Lugt is a backpack with a 360-degree loop around your luggage. The bag is then clipped onto this loop. The Lug bag is made of lightweight, ripstop nylon fabric. The Lug lets you travel with your luggage and clothing safely and securely indoors, outdoors, or on public transport. The Lug is the perfect gift for travel lovers of all ages and sizes. Bleskets Canada has a great selection of the Lug bag. This beautiful bag is constructed from durable canvas and vegetable-tanned leather and is lined in leather. It is perfect for carrying books, notebooks, and pencils.

Lug Bags

Lug (pronounced “Lock”) is the original manufacturer of the packable, travel-friendly duffel bag, and it’s gaining popularity with travelers everywhere. Packable bags are perfect for travelers who are constantly on the go. They are convenient to pack and even easier to carry. The Lug Packable duffels easily expand to more than 50% of their size when not in use. Their patented design makes their bags ideal for travelers looking to maximize space. The Lug Packable duffel bags come in a variety of vibrant colors. They are lightweight, durable, easy to carry, and made of waterproof fabric. Also, the best part is that they fold down to a compact square when not in use. 

Different Types of Lug Bags for your Travels 

Today, the term is most commonly associated with bags and backpacks used by cyclists, runners, and hikers. While a properly constructed backpack or bag made from strong materials can provide adequate protection from most hazards encountered during these activities, a poorly constructed or poorly fitting bag can be dangerous. The following are the different types of lug bags that are perfect for your travel. 

Lug Mini Trolley

A mini trolley bag, or “lug” bag, is a small bag that carries your essentials when you’re on the go. These bags feature a handle on one end and an adjustable shoulder strap on the other and can be used for any activity. They’re typically smaller than a handbag and larger than a purse and come in a variety of styles and shapes. 

Lug Echo Packable Bag – Camo Black

The Lug Echo Packable bag is a travel bag, and as the name suggests, it is compact and small, so it’s easy to pack it in your suitcase. It has a main compartment with a zipper, and a smaller compartment with a zipper, so you can separate your items. It’s made of 600D polyester and cotton, so it is very durable. Other features include an adjustable strap and an easy-pack magnetic closure. This bag is crafted from sturdy, waterproof, and rip-resistant fabric, which offers the same level of protection as a briefcase or tote. For security, this bag features a combination lock which is easy to open, but the combination can be reset whenever you wish.

Lug Propeller Packable Bag

It is made from nylon and is 38% recycled. It has a 20-liter capacity and is 31” long. It is made from nylon and is 38% recycled. It has a 20-liter capacity and is 31” long. The bag has four wheels and two handles, one fixed and one retractable that can be hidden into both the bag and clip-in backpack. Propeller Packable Bag that can be used as either an overnight carry-on or as a backpack. The bag features an adjustable shoulder strap, removable tablet and laptop outer pockets, a large main compartment, and a separate main compartment for undergarments and shoes.

Lug Compass Crossbody

As far as handbags go, the Lug Compass Crossbody is one of the most versatile on the market. This is a crossbody bag that’s backed with a polyester fabric. It has a zipper closure and an internal stationary pocket. The bag measures 10.5” W x 6” D x 4.5” H. It’s available in three colors: Black, Blue, and Red. This purse is a crossbody bag, which means that it is designed with a long strap that can be wrapped around the shopper’s body. This keeps the bag from swinging around, so the bag will be on your arm and not spilling its contents. The distance between the strap and the shopper’s body is crucial when choosing this type of bag; it needs to be long enough that the bag doesn’t fall off your arm.

Lug Cable Car Vegan Leather Crossbody

The Lug Cable Car Vegan Leather Crossbody is the kind of bag one would carry for a weekend getaway. It is constructed from vegan leather with a fabric lining and a zipper closure. Besides the leather, the bag features an adjustable shoulder strap, a leather top handle, and a front zippered pocket. The crossbody bag measures 13.3 “W x 6.4 “H x 5.4” D, and it can accommodate a 17” laptop. This bag is a stylish travel bag that you will love to travel with. The bag is made from high quality vegan leather and inside features large compartments to hold all your travel essentials.

LUG Canter Convertible Bag

LUG Canter Convertible Bag is made from the best material, the material is 600D, with high quality hardware, nylon, PU, oxford cloth, the zipper is a solid good quality puller, the LUG Canter Convertible Bag is durable, water-resistant, easy to clean, lightweight, can hold a lot of things, easy to attach. The LUG canter bag represents a combination of two different styles – the traditional shoulder duffle and the classic messenger bag. A top handle is included to carry as a messenger bag, and the bag can convert into a shoulder bag with a detachable shoulder strap.

LUG Cable Car Satchel

The Lug Cable Car Satchel is an awesome bag for travel. It is lightweight and fits everything you need for your trip. It is ideal for a weekend away or even traveling for a longer time. It is ideal for men or women. It can fit laptops up to 17 inches, phones, tablets, and other electronic items. The laptop compartment has a flap that protects it from damage. The bag is also water-resistant.

LUG Steamboat 2 Overnight Bag

LUG Steamboat 2 Overnight Bag is one of the types of Lug Bags for travelers. It is the perfect combination of fashion and function. This bag features simple lines, a gently curved top, and roomy handles, making it perfect for every day on the go. It is an ultra-light summer bag with a padded laptop compartment. It’s designed to safeguard your laptop while in transit.

So, if you are looking for a bag with sufficient storage space for weekend getaways, then the LUG Steamboat 2 Overnight Bag is the right one.


Travelers need to carry their luggage with multiple items in their bags. They often carry many accessories in their bag like passports, tickets, and many other things. And to carry such bulky items, they need large-sized bags. Large bags need to be comfortable and easy to carry. Travelers carry heavy stuff in their bags, so they need durable bags. Travelers need large-size bags that can carry more than one suitcase. And travelers need durable bags to carry big items.

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