A Guide to User Experience Testing Methodology

ux testing

User experience testing is the method of determining the best suitable way to conduct interaction between a website and the audience through verifying different attributes of user experience. This is effective testing to understand which elements of the website are loved most by the users and what parts of the website convince users to convert. Above all, UX testing, or user experience testing helps to recognize the weakness of the website and how to improve the experience of the users. Using this method, you can also test your website for comparison, trust, first impression, and many more.

The Significance of User Experience Testing:

Before understanding the significance of user experience testing, you need to evaluate the primary goals of your website. In online businesses, one builds a website to increase sales. Therefore, if you want to increase sales, you need to assess what factors influence the choice of the consumers for purchasing a product or service. The UX testing exactly helps you to find out those influential factors and provides a way to fulfill the needs of the users.


ux testing
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In order to provide the ease of using a website, you need to assure few things such as-

  1. Clear and easy navigation of the website
  2.  Information about the products are easily accessible
  3.  Easy and straightforward checkout processes,
  4. Trust Symbols, and
  5. Social proof.

There are many other things that the users may look at to judge a website. The needs of the users differ from a user to another user. However, you need to consider the most essential factors that affect the user experience.

User Testing Methodology:

There are several methodologies to test the experience of the users. In this article, we will discuss three important methodologies.

A) Card Sorting:

Card sorting helps to determine how the organization of your website should be to provide ease of navigation to the users. Thus, this test helps you to design the hierarchy and navigation of your website in a way that fulfills the specific needs of the users. In order to conduct this test, you ask the users to categorize the contents and information of your website.

B) Customer’s Voice:

Listening to the customers can help you to understand their needs and complaints. However, according to the study ‘Understanding Customers’ by Ruby Newell-Legner, only 4% of dissatisfied customers complain about the company. This means 96% of the customers do not provide feedback. But among the dissatisfied customers, 91 % will never come back to the company. Therefore, if you want to keep your customers, you have to listen to them. In order to get feedback, you should provide an option for reviews about the products on your website. You should also contact the customers through emails and phone calls.

C) Recordings:

This testing helps you understand the interaction of the users on your website pages through recording the session. Therefore, through this testing, you can understand how they navigate your website. You can also know the interests of the users through this testing. This is very helpful for developer.

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