A Performing Arts Preschool with the Future in Mind


The preschool at Upper Thomson encompasses what parents want for their children: a safe environment that allows them to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Here they will also receive the benefit of the best preschool approach as supported by a neuroscientist with a program structure that will nurture every child’s uniqueness and strengths. The preschool upper Thomson is committed to respecting educators, students, and parents as everyone works together to foster a creative and imaginative atmosphere that will allow your child to discover limitless potential.


Our performing arts international preschool is the only school that requires all educators to complete an extensive 200 hours of additional training and accreditation on top of any previous experience they bring with them. This standard of quality ensures that all students experience the highest level of dedication and quality in the classroom. For ages 18 months to 6 years old, the preschool of the performing arts at Upper-Thomson will provide learning and enrichment through playgroups, nursery and kindergarten.


This preschool system uses six themes to encapsulate its culture of excellence: Consistency, Realism, Excellence, Accountability, Teamwork, and Energy. By acting consistently as an organisation, setting realistic goals and objectives, delivering the highest educational standards, taking responsibility for our actions, nurturing trust without judgement, and putting all that we have into the children we serve, we will be filling the gaps left behind by traditional education structures and providing young minds with the confidence they need to become the champions of their own futures.


In most education systems, children are taught what to learn. At this preschool, using up-to-date scientific research and working in tandem with a neuroscientist, there’s an approach supported by psychology used to teach children how to learn. The school is based on five core values that drive educators and administrators alike in helping children reach their full potential.


The best interests of children are what drive the purpose of this preschool. The goal is to cultivate a learning atmosphere for the best quality of educational services.


Integrity is essential to trust. The preschool at Changi Airport encourages and supports the courage to do what is right.


Everyone involved in the school structure from the top down is committed to ensuring everyone thrives.


A learning mindset nurtures the opportunity for personal growth, which leads to our ability to realise our infinite potential for success. The same belief is used for each child working their way to their future.


The preschool program has already expanded to include several countries. The hope is to create a movement, reaching communities on a global scale for generations to come.

There is no other preschool program in Singapore like this preschool Upper Thomson. Scientific research, dedicated educators, and values that no other traditional education program makes this learning centre the ideal location to encourage the youngest minds to blossom into the great minds of the future! Fostering a learning mindset, encouraging creativity, and cheering on little minds to become champions in life is at the heart of this preschool program.

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