Accused of Shooting at Florida Auto Detailing Company

Zachary Cruzan, a U.S. citizen and naturalized Mexican citizen, is currently in the Baja California penal complex after being detained while driving in another state, said California state officials. According to Donovan, Cruz, who was arrested early last week near San Diego, is expected to be in custody within days. Reports have indicated that Cruz has some links with members of organized crime in Mexico. Although details of the case are still sketchy, it is clear that Cruz has been questioned by authorities since last week.

Upon receiving a tip on Friday, detectives from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, in Southern California, headed to the Baja California peninsula. Initially, authorities had been following two suspects, identified only as suspects No. 4 and No. in connection with the killing of 17 people in an upscale apartment complex in San Diego’s Pacific Beach. The two were seen entering the complex in a dark-colored sedan, which has been subsequently traced to the location where the bodies were found.

A search of the persons’ vehicle, along with a check of their bank accounts, immigration records and associates revealed that there was no record of any ties to this group. However, detectives learned that one of the suspects in this case had previously been investigated for shooting at a rival bandit, with three other men being implicated in that case. In this regard, investigators obtained a search warrant and executed a thorough search of the suspect’s home. This yielded several items of possible significance. Among these was a list of firearms, ammunition and documents relating to the pending case.

It is noteworthy that one of the top priorities of the California State Police and Bakersfield Police Department is to apprehension of criminals with violent tendencies such as assault, murder, drug dealing, domestic violence and other serious offenses. Accordingly, they worked very diligently to find and bring Zachary Cruz to justice. Detectives worked very hard to gather substantial evidence to build a strong case against Cruz and three others. Eventually, they obtained a seven-year probation sentence for all four defendants, while placing Zachary Cruz on probation for two years.

The second suspect arrested, identified only as “PC,” was additionally searched by detectives. During the course of the investigation, detectives discovered that the name associated with the vehicle in which Zachary Cruz was driving, “Maleaul,” was registered to an address within the vicinity of the home of PC. PC was also arrested and transported to the local jail. He faces up to one year in jail, a fine, and may also be required to undergo substance abuse rehabilitation.

Following his arrest, Zachary Cruze was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail where he remained for several days. He appeared at a scheduled court appearance scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Monday, March 6. Through his attorney, Zachary Cruze requested that the court release him on his own recognizance, stating that he had suffered an injury while operating his vehicle. According to court records, the Palm Beach County circuit court granted this request, and set a court appearance date of 9 a.m. on Friday, March 7. This court appearance by Zachary Cruze marked his first court appearance in connection with this case.

Later that day, four more suspects were arrested in connection with this case. One suspect was released on his own recognizance, while the remaining three were each granted bail of one thousand dollars, by Circuit Court Judge Carlton W. Roberts. Authorities said that these three males were fugitives whom detectives hoped to capture during the day of the search. Authorities said that the four men were fugitives whom detectives hoped to capture during the day of the search.

During a break in their search for the fugitives, the four men were taken into custody and were later identified as brothers. Authorities said that Zachary Cruze and two other boys, ages seven and nine, were suspects in the investigation. Zachary Cruze is the elder brother, while his two younger brothers were arrested separately. According to court records, Zachary Cruze has a lengthy criminal history, which includes convictions for grand theft auto, burglary, drug possession, and drug trafficking. He has been previously sentenced to jail for burglary, and has served time in various rehabilitation centers. Police said that he is believed to be acquainted with the other driver who was shot during the hours of the search.

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