Add A Touch Of Elegance To Belt Boxes With These 7 Tips

Belt boxes have become a popular trend in the fashion industry. Everyone from actresses to singers have been seen carrying a belt box around. So what makes these fashionable boxes so special? Well, they turn a simple outfit into a thing of elegance and sophistication.

Belt boxes are manufactured of different materials. The most common is, of course, leather, but you can also get belt boxes in different colors and patterns of wood. Recently, paper packaging materials are also making a unique mark in the industry. 

The belt box must match the belt’s color and design for a perfect look. A good belt box should be easy to open and close without hassle. 

A lot of the belt boxes are designed to attach an additional belt on its inside. That makes sure your belt and box will stay together wherever you go.

They can be decorated with different shaped studs or gems, making them more chic and stylish than ever before. Though they may seem simple, there’s more to these boxes than meets the eye. 

Here are some tips on how you can add a little bit of elegance to your belt boxes.


1. Select the color carefully

The color is probably the most important thing to consider when purchasing a belt box. Make sure it matches with your belt for an easy way to upgrade your style. If you are unsure about what colors go well together, ask a friend or family member.

If you’re unsure which color to choose, go with the classic black belt box. That way, they are always guaranteed to look classy no matter what occasion your customers use them for.

Furthermore, you can always ask the manufacturer if they offer design options for custom belt boxes

2. Make sure the clasp is of good quality

You don’t always have to buy the most expensive belt box. But make sure the cheapest option you find isn’t also of inferior quality.

Be sure to check if the clasp is easy to open and close; otherwise, it may become a hassle for you every time you need to use your belt box. Also, be sure that it’s well made and won’t break after a few uses! 

3. Get creative with decorations

You can always decorate belt packaging however you wish. You can buy various accessories in the market to add a little bit of oomph to your belt boxes.

Custom manufacturers offer custom shapes, sizes, add-ons, and finishing coats that help your belt boxes have a unique look. You can always get creative with decorations and add something truly special to your box.


4. Try Various Finishing Coats

Belt gift boxes with custom finishing coats are designed with an added layer of paint or varnish. That ensures your belt box will last longer and remain in great condition even if it’s used daily.

You can add special effects like glitter, pearlescence, and metallic to make the belt box eye-catching and attractive. You don’t have to settle for the standard black and white belt box when you can add a finishing touch that shows your personal sense of style.

5. Opt For Paperboard Packaging Materials

One of the best paper packaging materials for high-end retail packaging is paperboard. That is especially true when it comes to belt boxes.

These are strong and durable boxes that are also lightweight for easy transportation. Paperboard packaging materials are eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable if you wish to use them again in the future! That makes them a good investment for people who love the environment.

6. Use high-quality custom prints

Custom prints can help you transform your belt packaging into a work of art that enhances your belts. You can get creative with custom prints and decorate the exterior surface of your belt boxes in all sorts of ways for an ultra-stylish look.

It would be best if you always went for high-quality prints to look better than low-budget prints. Also, avoid using too bright or dark colors since they can be difficult to see. Otherwise, your belt boxes will look unattractive and cheap.


7. Try using different shapes for added effects

You don’t always have to go with the standard rectangular shape of belt boxes on the market. Available options include square, hexagonal, octagonal, and more to help your belt boxes stand out from the rest.

Try designing a custom belt box with shapes that will fit your brand personality and sense of style. 


Belt boxes can be a source of great investment because you can use them again and again to store your belts. Using these 7 tips will help you design belt packaging that fits your personality for a more attractive look!


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