Advantages And Disadvantages Of Effective Exercise:


For a healthy life exercise and diet is so important for us.  For physical fitness, well lifestyle exercise can be part of the equation. Regular workout has many benefits. One of the long-term benefits of exercise is it helps you to live longer. It reduces many risks of our health conditions. Exercise is addictive sometimes. over-exercise can be harmful, it may hurt your heart directly. Who has heart disease exercise is not good for them.

Types of exercise:

Physical movement makes our muscles work and burns calories. There are many types of exercise we do like swimming, dancing, walking all burns calories. There are many fitness options like a gym, it’s an indoor workout training center. Yoga is also a famous fitness option.

Some effective exercises:

  1. Push-ups: It’s a common and very easy exercise to do at home. 20 pushups are enough for a day.
  1. Dumble process, standing overhead, and dumble process.
  2. Side plank is a very good workout. a side plank exercise works your obliques, the muscles that run along the side of your core. It also protects your spine and reduces back injuries.
  3. Men are more interested in chest exercise. It’s a really effective exercise. for the fast effect, you should follow a chest workout routine. Chest workout is good for better breathing. performing 1-4 workouts is best for your health.
  4. Squat: from standing, squat a place hands on the floor. Just outside of feet. It’s a lower body and core’s good for flexibility, lower and hips.
  5. Jump: For weight, loss jumping is the best workout you can do. Jumping is a major calory burner. jumping can help you burn fat all over your body. Body metabolic rate also boosts for this exercise. It can improve your mussels that is good for weight loss.

Exercise for belly fat loss:

When we talk about weight loss the first thing that comes to our mind is must be belly fat. People want to burn their belly fat. losing belly fat can also improve our health condition. Everyone wants to look good, presentable, and confident. Belly fat lows our confidence level.

Don’t worry here are some exercises that can help you to burn belly fat.

  1. Burpees: Burpees exercise works your core. As well as your shoulder, this helps your heart pumping too. It’s a jumping process.
  2. Medicine ball slams: Side-to-side medicine ball slams are explosive, dynamic, and metabolic exercises. This is not targeting a particular muscle group. It’s good for belly fat loss.
  3. Walking: Simple walking can help you to reduce belly fat. It sounds simple but every day 45-50 minutes of the walk can help you to weight loss.
  4. Mountain climber: It’s a moving exercise and mini crunch. When you need to touch your knee in your chest. It’s a very fast and effective exercise for losing belly fat.

The disadvantage of exercise:

Every coin has another side. similarly, workout has benefits and disadvantages too. One disadvantage of regular workouts is, they can be addictive sometimes. Some research found that if you are exercising more than 8 hours a week. You can be depressed or it directly affects your mental health. An over-stressed body feels anger, mood swings, confusion.

Over-workout also can be a reason for sleeplessness. when a workout can help you to sleep too much can also affect your sleeping time. Outside workouts are also not good for your skin also. It may give you a skin tanning problem. When we are continuously connected with sunlight, our skin gets darker. And get Tan color. Your muscle did not get reset when you over workout. You feel muscle pain. German scientists have found that those with existing heart disease, who overdo high-intensity workouts are at high risk of death. From a stroke or heart attack. That’s why balance is so important thing, do workout but as much as your body can take.

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