An Informative Guide on Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes

Tray and sleeve packaging

Tray and sleeve box is the epitome of professionalism. These boxes look simple to our eyes. Yet, these are a work of art. We cannot deny their importance. These boxes are the top choice of any company. This is because these boxes are quite useful. Hence, emerging companies are using tray and sleeve packagingMoreover, this helps them to fulfill their sales target. We also excel in producing the best tray and sleeve box you will ever see. Our professionals fulfill all your demands. Furthermore, we produce a box that matches your demands. There are few frequently asked questions. So, we will address them here:

What are tray and sleeve boxes?

These boxes are the physical embodiment of their name. These boxes are made up of a tray that slides inside the sleeve. The sleeve acts as a container. Whereas the tray contains the actual product. We slide the tray inside the sleeve. This produces tray and sleeve packaging

Are these boxes only suitable for a single product?

The answer is ‘not at all. Some people might be shocked. But we are glad to remove this confusion. These boxes are very popular. Their popularity is due to their multiple uses. If we used them for a single item only, these boxes would not be famous at all. These boxes are business-friendly. Thus, these boxes fulfill all the needs of any company.

What sort of items can we pack in these boxes?

Honestly speaking, there is no limit. You can pack anything and everything. These boxes will protect it. These boxes are user-friendly as well. Therefore, we can pack jewelry items in them. Moreover, we can pack books, gifts, and food items as well. Therefore, tray and sleeve box has gained popularity.

Let us get into the detail:


Jewelry items are expensive. Hence, we need to protect them. Therefore, companies use tray and sleeve packaging to adequately pack these items. These boxes keep the jewelry safe. Even in the case of any mishap, the durability of the box protects the jewelry.

Food items:

We use tray and sleeve packaging to specially pack food items. It protects these items from dust and pollution. Furthermore, it keeps food fresh. Furthermore, it also maintains the taste and quality of food. It prevents the food from getting contaminated. Therefore, mostly we pack frozen food items in these boxes.


Popular brands use trays and sleeve boxes to pack clothing items. This allows them to display a large number of clothes in a small space. These boxes are smart and space-efficient. Consequently, they do not take up a lot of space. Therefore, companies can use custom tray and sleeve boxes with a window as display boxes as well. This allows the customers to examine the product.


Gifts are an expression of love. Sometimes, we feel we should gift something to someone. People exchange gifts on happy occasions. The gift becomes more beautiful in professional packing. Unique packing elevates the beauty of a gift. Thus, we can use a custom tray and sleeve boxes to win the hearts of people. We can customize these boxes easily. It helps us to impress other people.


We cannot deny how valuable books are to us. These are our best friends. We need to handle them with care. Tray and sleeve box provides this adequate care to our books. Hence, we usually pack them in these boxes. Moreover, you can easily take books out by just sliding the tray. This is a user-friendly method. In addition to that, custom tray and sleeve boxes increase the beauty of books.

Why are these boxes important for companies?

Companies imply cost-efficient methods. Tray and sleeve boxes are cost-efficient. These serve multiple purposes. Therefore, we list some of their importance below

Tray and sleeve packaging is cost-efficient:

Our professionals convert tray and sleeve box templates into professional boxes at low costs. This reduces the price of these boxes. Consequently, companies can get a lot of these boxes at low rates. Therefore, it reduces the financial burden on them.

Source of marketing:

Companies can use these boxes for marketing. Logos are the main source of marketing. Therefore, companies print their logos on these boxes. In addition to that, they use certain techniques to make it look more alluring. Therefore, it attracts people.

Tray and sleeve packaging attracts the customers:

Beautiful products attract customers. We can make a product beautiful by using creative boxes. Boxes increase the worth of the product. Moreover, we can use customization techniques. This further embellishes our product.

Boosts the sales:

Custom tray and sleeve boxes help the companies to boost sales. These boxes are a source of advertisement for the company. Consequently, these boxes attract customers. Furthermore, it adds to the popularity of the company. So, we can confidently say that these boxes are business-friendly. These help the companies to boost their sales.

 How can we get these boxes customized?

The list of customization options is quite long. You name it, we produce it. It is so simple. But for the sake of it, we are listing only some of the available options below:

Customization in size and dimensions:

CBM helps you to select any size. They will imply the latest printing techniques to produce boxes. It helps us to produce boxes with sharp dimensions. It gives a more professional look. We assure you that you will like the final product.

Customization in thickness of the box:

You can also alter the thickness of the tray or sleeve depending on your needs. But for this, we will need the details of the product. It will help us to decide what is better. Nevertheless, you still get the luxury to choose whatever you want. Customer satisfaction always comes first.

Customization in the color of the box:

We provide a lot of color schemes. People can choose any color from the list. We can use funky-colored boxes for casual events. In contrast to that, we can also print professional and elite boxes to match professional events. You only have to order.




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