Apex Legends – New Season Overview

On August 9, 2022, the 14th season officially started in Apex Legends, and players were waiting for a lot of innovations that would affect all key aspects of the project. This time the update is dedicated to the theme of “Hunting” and a new sniper character. The developers also redesigned the rating mode and updated the combat pass. We have collected all the information you need about the changes in season 14 so that you can feel more comfortable on the battlefields.

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New legend — Vantage

With season 14, a sniper named Vantage appeared in Apex Legends, she is suitable for those who like to deal with opponents at a long distance. After its release it immediately became popular. In addition to the faithful rifle, she also has a small assistant in the form of a bat, which will make it possible to detect members of the enemy team even in the most secluded corners of the map.

In this, of course, the passive ability “spotter’s lens” helps her. With its help, you can easily aim at the right place or a specific enemy and make the most accurate shot. The Vantage also has a bullet indicator, which helps to track where all your shots hit. The main feature of Vantage, perhaps, was her ultimate ability “Sniper’s Mark”, with which she deals 50 units of damage to any hero and simultaneously puts a mark on it. With this mark, each subsequent shot from a sniper rifle will cause 100 units of damage already, and each of the team members will receive a bonus for the damage inflicted. 

Modified Kings Canyon

First of all, it is worth noting that the creators decided to redesign and make improvements in Kings Canyon both visually and structurally complete. Players can already enjoy the brand-new lighting and modified textures of the sky on this map. In addition, the creators of Apex Legends have returned the Skull City and Thunder Dome areas that were missing from the game since season 5.

It is worth highlighting the addition of a new point of interest to Kings Canyon. In season 14, they brought a whole set of winding roads with a lot of buildings that should attract the attention of players to such duels. It is in these areas of the map that it is convenient to shoot 1 on 1 to determine whose barrel is steeper.

Level system in season 14

Perhaps one of the most impressive changes concerns the levels of players. If earlier you could fill yourself a maximum of 500 and did not know what to do next, now everyone has the opportunity to swing further. The developers have added 3 more shooting galleries to the game, which will force you to repeatedly fill 500 levels. Well, progress will not stand still, and Apex Legends veterans will finally find another reason for themselves to return to the game more often.

In addition to these numbers, such a change in the level system guarantees you another 345 additional Apex packages you can get while pumping up to a maximum of 3 shooting ranges. Together with them, each player can easily get a relic. The developers claim that even without buying a combat pass, you have the opportunity to acquire a relic and a bunch of rare items just by playing Apex Legends.

Naturally, it’s too early to judge how it will all work, because season 14 has just begun, but it’s worth noting that such changes in the level system and its expansion should benefit the game. At least those who have been sitting in Apex Legends for a long time will be pleased that they have new goals.

Important Crafting changes

In addition to many small changes, this time the developers have not bypassed crafting. The list of updates turned out to be rather big, but we decided to pay attention exclusively to the most important. For example, now when a gamer utilizes a material collector, all squad members receive resources (not the only player, as it was implemented before). Also, with the advent of a new character, the list of items for crafting was replenished with a laser sight (costs 25 units of materials).

Developers also added a few more useful items that are associated with fast movement on the map. By the way, for unknown reasons, the cost of crafting some old items of equipment was raised. For example, heavy, energy, and sniper magazines have risen in price to 35, although for a long time they cost 25 materials. The same goes for the cost of a shotgun. But the optics of 2-4x ACOG, on the contrary, became cheaper by 5 materials. In any case, these are just the first steps in crafting processing, and achieving the perfect balance in season 14. 

Apex Legend became popular soon after its release and won 3 Awards (Bafta is among them). Season 13 has become much more difficult compared to season 12, and this is mainly due to the various updates in the gameplay and the reworking of the balance. Also, the previous season, for some reason, turned out to be less attractive to users in general, and statistics indicate that there are fewer active players in Apex Legends. That is why season 14 has brought more extensive updates to the game, and the developers hope that it will be more successful than the 13th.

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