Best Places for Black Families to live in the UK

The UK is a beautiful place to live. You’ll definitely fall in love with so many things in this country, beginning from its rich history to its scenic view, education, and healthcare. Lovers of food and entertainment will also be fascinated by its unique culture. 

While all these things are attractive, there’s more to staying in a country. For a black family, it goes far beyond spoken characteristics. Would you want to stay in a place where you are not welcomed? I’d guess your answer is NO! There are many intriguing places in the UK where black families are welcome. 

This post will highlight the best places for black families to live in the UK. Let’s get started. 


Edinburgh is a famous city in the UK, and visitors widely love it. Even though it is a much smaller city compared to London, it has it all for black families. The locals of Edinburgh are ever ready to receive people, irrespective of their origin. 

The city has a lot of job opportunities and economic opportunities that await residents. It gets more exciting for tech professionals, as there are a lot of big tech companies in this part of the UK. There are also supermarkets for black people, where you can quickly get food supplies and other essentials. 

Overall, Edinburgh is the best place for black families. If you like this city, it would be wise to consult Edinburgh Immigration solicitors before moving. 


London is a city that has a bit of everything. As one famous city in the UK, it has attracted diverse people from all over the world. Although it is not focused only on blacks, its multiculturalism makes it safer for black families. Among the things you’ll enjoy in London are the food market, the festivals, the diverse cuisines, etc. Non-white people also own businesses in London, so you shouldn’t be afraid of getting a job in London.


Birmingham is one large city in the UK but unpopular amongst immigrants. The city has a lot to offer and can compete against London. It has many innovative tech companies where residents can grow professionally. It also boasts adequate educational facilities for your family. As a large city, the city is not crime-free. However, on a national level, the crime rate is considerably lower. To manage the situation, the law enforcement agencies go overboard to ensure the place is safe. 

Living costs are also essential to consider. In Birmingham, you can maximize your money and spend on more items. Birmingham is half as expensive as London in terms of housing, food, and transportation. It is also worth sharing that Birmingham is a culturally diverse place, where people from many origins can feel themselves. Lest I forget, you’ll also appreciate the hospitality of the indigenes. 


Leicester has welcomed foreign cultures and has embraced them as its own. The city has a unique mix of people from different origins. As a black person, one of your priorities is being welcomed. 

Over time, migrants have become indigenes of Leicester as every aspect of their culture is well appreciated. It implies that locals will always welcome non-white residents. This city has been constantly ranked among the UK’s best places to live. You should also know that Leicester has a good student community, affordable housing, and plenty economic opportunities. It is also a considerably cheap place to inhabit. 


If you wish to raise a family in London, but you’re scared of the cost of living, consider Manchester. Manchester mirrors London in many things, just that it’s cheaper. The cost of food, transportation, and accommodation is inexpensive. The cost of an apartment in Manchester is half the price of London. You can enjoy a safer community, as Manchester is small and is not as crowded as London. 

The city is also linguistically diverse, and I’m sure you would find someone who speaks a language you know. The people in Manchester are welcoming and friendly. Generally, you’ll enjoy Manchester as there are many shopping malls, famous stadiums, sports clubs, etc. It is also home to big brands and renowned companies. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding an excellent place to live is one of the hardest things. It is even more challenging as a black person as you have to factor in many things. You need to consider racism, black shops, and salons, crime rates, the job market, etc. Hence, it is essential to find a place with a mixture of everything that would give a blissful stay in the UK. 

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