From block to block into the future, technology promises nothing more and nothing less than a world without intermediaries. Everyone who participates in the system is responsible, A Technology that impacts the markets and government system and the economy’s entire macro and micro process. And we are already seeing it in finance; this means, for example, the disappearance of banks because it allows the complete certification of monetary transactions that cannot do erase in any way.

Today, we will talk about blockchain being very popular today.

What is a blockchain?

As its name indicates, a Blockchain that contains information; this method was firstly idea 1971 by a group of investigators and initially proposed to put a time stamp on digital forms so that it was not promising to change the date almost equal to a notorious. However, it remained practically unexploited until it was adapted by Satoshi in 2009 when he created the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

A blockchain is a circulated book that is open to anyone; it has an exciting property. However, once the data do record within a blockchain, it is hard to modification it.

 What is the blockchain operation? 

Let’s inform us a little more; we must take a quicker look at a block; every block embraces some data. The block hash and the hash of the preceding block, the files kept inside a block hang on the nature of Blockchain. Bitcoin blockchain, keeps facts about a operation for example as an issuer, receiver, and some coins.

A block too has a hash; a hash is something like a fingerprint more or less recognizes a block and all its content is unique, just like a fingerprint.

Once the block creates, its hash calculates; altering a bit inside the block will cause hash changes; in other words, hashes are very convenient for perceiving changes in blocks if the mark of a block changes no the same block.

The third component within every block is the hash of the preceding block, this successfully generates a blockchain, and this technique is what makes a blockchain so protected.

Today’s computers are high-speed and can compute hundreds of hashes per second; you could successfully alter one block and recalculate the other blocks’ hashes to create your Blockchain effective all over again.

They have somewhat named proof of work. It is a appliance that reduces the creation of different blocks; in the example of bitcoin, it takes less than 15 minutes to calculate the necessary proof of work and add a new block to the chain. 

This method does very difficult to alter the blocks for the reason that if you alteration a block, you will have to recalculate proof of work of all the next blocks. Hence, the safety of a chain of blocks comes from the ingenious use of the hash.


Blockchain is an essential aspect of a super advance in computing. We must be clear that it is not a coincidence; the Blockchain already has almost 20 years of research in the cryptographic currency and a little more than years in what refers to research in cryptography by various researchers, experts, analysts in the world. They have a detailed review about exchanges and cryptos.

Its excellent potential does currently give a lot to talk about; in fact, they consider it as the most significant popularity in the technological and financial sector has oriented Bitcoin and of course with it the chain of blocks at the level of the personal computer industry in 1975 and from the internet in 1993.

There are many things to explore within the Blockchain, which are already doing explored today. However, understanding the basics of how this technology works will give you a significant advantage. Technology is changing the world and what we do know is that the world will continue to change with its new and innovative technological advances. This blockchain train is already on the move, so jump on it, take advantage of the opportunity, or watch it pass in front of you.

All this information is of the utmost importance and relevance for the future; the blockchain calls us to update ourselves. Consequently, more transactions are carried out every day under this platform, offering cheap and fast transactions, users who have remained anchored to this ingenious way of linking finance and technology.

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