California Governor Gavin Newsom Resigns After Recall election

California Governor Gavin Newsom Resigns After Recall election

Recall the California Governor Gavin Newsom? I did. He was re-elected, by a large margin, in 2021. Many of us in San Diego County were astonished that our local political power was being used in such a narrow fashion to back a single candidate for statewide office.

After the recall, I began thinking about the fact that Newsom may have run against Schwarzenegger for his political future, and perhaps with good reason. There had been talk of a vendetta, and indeed, Schwarzenegger made it clear that he was not considering backing Gerry Newsom for governor. He even said so on national television! But then he also went on to praise Newsom, saying he had “learned a lot from” the former governor. How different can a politician be, after all, when he is riding the coattails of his benefactor?

Nevertheless, recall the power that lurks behind the podium in Sacramento – the levers that push and pull the state government? What if there was really some real competition for public office in California? Who among us could stand up to the power brokers and the contractors and the bribes and the corporate welfare politicians who would literally buy off our representatives whenever they suited their needs? What if some competition was allowed?

Some political pundits predicted that the recall wouldn’t be successful. One wrote that “the political forces that are trying to put Gerry Newsom (whoever that is) out of his misery will prevail.” Surely someone with such a formidable record of success as Newsom should be able to weather any storm. Surely he would be able to hold on to the governorship.

Of course, California’s new Board of Equalization Chairwoman Ellen Tropper has already indicated that she won’t stand for a recall. So who could replace her? Has Kevin Kiley already been asked to take on the challenge? How about outgoing Assemblyman Fox? Fox has had his share of scandals and his term is almost up.

Then there’s Governor Jerry Brown. Many people believe that he would seek the top job at some point. But will he? Who is talking about him? Has anyone asked him about the governorship?

Even the Council on American Governments is having a take a look at the political forces behind the recall. “A recall of California’s governor carries with it certain dangers,” the report states. “The passage of time may allow political leaders to reassess their performance and assure that, in the future, they are best suited to the task before them. It’s always wise to prepare yourself for change,” the CAC advises. The bottom line: There is no easy answer to the question, ‘Who will replace Gov. Newsom?’

But the good news is this – We are living in the Golden State. And we have a tradition of electing the best public official, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. So, it shouldn’t be too hard for Gavin Newsom to win the recall election. We’ll see. Meanwhile, we can enjoy watching our Golden State move forward.

Let’s talk about the “re-distribution” bit. In an ideal world, the Board of Equalization would get the job done by simply distributing wealth from some of the major tax cuts to the people who actually need it, such as those struggling for lower incomes. Unfortunately, California’s politicians don’t want any of that.

For example, the legislature passed a bill in January 2021 that takes away some of the high frequency phone calls between Bell California customers and the state’s largest phone companies. They claimed that this measure was needed to keep Californians informed about important state issues. However, the purpose of the bill is to hamper the political clout of Bell – one of the largest phone providers in the state.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Newsom has said he plans to file a challenge against the law. The recall efforts would be funded by the Club for Growth, an advocacy group headed by former California governor Ronald Reagan. The recall effort will run on statewide television. Some of the television ads will focus on Newsom’s cozy relationship with the California State Legislature, especially Assemblyman Huffman. It seems likely that the ads will hit some of the more liberal neighborhoods around San Francisco and Los Angeles.

If you live in one of the affected areas, and you want to join the effort, there are a couple of options available to you. One is to simply call your representative and let them know what you’re doing. Another option is to do some research online and find contact information for the members of your local House of Representatives and State Legislature. You can also join a large grass-roots initiative in your district. Regardless of which way you go, you’re sure to make some positive changes in the coming days.

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