Clad home handmade furniture Los Angeles

From reading this title, you must wonder why should I buy home furniture from Clad Home and made furniture from Los Angeles to answer that, and all your questions on the benefits of home-made furniture will be addressed and answered in this article.

The star power of Harrison Ford

you may know Harrison Ford from movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones the Temple of doom; what you may not know, and its relevance to home-made furniture, is that Mr Ford designed and personalised it on the table before he was a movie star, he was a carpenter.

By investing your money into clad homes handmade furniture Los Angeles not only buying a product but a way of being physical and hands-on with the world like Harrison, you will appreciate and feel the connection to furniture you chose that is stylish and meets your needs.

Customise your furniture with Clad Home

The club home customisation option for your table, you have the opportunity to design your furniture, your living room, your bedroom and personalise a design for your athletic and personal tastes.

By designing and selecting your furniture, you will ensure that your product design choice is fundamentally yours, and no one else’s plan will be meant for you. Nobody else will have the effect you want because it will be 100% original.

A personalised process

at clad home, each customer journey is different. We use it with UX design principles, or in the words of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Seth Godin author of this is marketing, and Neil Patel, founder of Neil Patel Digital marketing, all report the user experience that being you the customer first.

What is this approach mean for yourself and your design choices? This means that when selecting and designing your furniture for your home, your family or your child, a professional will help guide you and provide advice throughout the process should you request these services.

Designer Loyalty Program 10% OFF + 5% CASH BACK FOR DESIGNERS!

Clad Home was founded by an interior designer who had your needs, budget, and desires. This means that the furniture and design options will be well resourced, reliable, customisable.

We have a robust design-focused, customer-focused at the heart of providing our customers with the design options to bring home life. We hold a special place in our hearts for working with professional designers, and we want to make sure you feel the love. 

We know your trade discounts are often passed directly to your clients, and we think you deserve an extra “thank you” for all your hard work.

Once enrolled in our Designer Loyalty Program, you and your clients will always receive our 10% trade discount on all Clad Home custom furniture.

PLUS designers will get an additional 5% cashback in your pocket as our way of saying thanks. The more you buy, the more you earn, and we’re confident that our quality furniture, design flexibility, and fair prices will keep you coming back again and again!


by reading this article, you hopefully would have come away understanding that clad home handmade furniture puts you, the customer, the interior designer and your practical need first. Clad Home is dedicated to its customers and design-led philosophy to provide home-made furniture.

Furniture is not just inside your property. It is a statement about how you prioritise the needs of your household your family by providing them with excellent, no fantastic interior design that is functional and with personality. 

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