Clogged or broken pipe: How to find out?


See how you can discover a broken or clogged pipe in a building.

A big inconvenience that we may have on a daily basis is a clogged or broken pipe. While broken pipe can be a long-term problem, often not noticeable until the water bill reports the leak, clogging can be an immediate inconvenience.

Unfortunately, in both cases these problems are difficult to detect.

We at Company understand how these problems can cause discomfort and become a real headache. With that in mind, we’ve devised some tips to discover a broken or clogged pipe.

Risks caused by broken or clogged pipe:

Each of the problems has its risks. The clogged pipe causes a more direct and noticeable problem. When a part of the pipe clogs the drainage capacity of the sewer is drastically reduced, or to complement it.

This can cause the void to return waste, for example. This is one of the worst and most annoying risks of plugging pipes. The return of waste is not only connected with the toilet, it can also happen in sinks and in the grease box.

In addition to being a discomfort for those present at the site, these returns present a risk of infection, as many of the waste found in the sewage are harmful to health.

The broken cable, however, can present different risks according to the severity of the defect. A small crack, even if minimal, is capable of wasting a lot of water and causing a large increase in the month-end bill.

Larger leaks can cause infiltration and damage to the structure and finish of the property. Tiles and painting are one of the first to suffer from this type of infiltration. For Bathroom Renovation click here

There are other problems caused by pipe defects, but these are the most common and most affect real estate in general.

Broken or clogged pipe – How to find out:

Finding out if there’s a broken or clogged pipe requires a lot of attention to detail and a keen eye for this sort of thing. Let’s start with the broken pipe and how you can detect the problem.

How to find a broken pipe:

The broken pipe can be very noticeable or discreet, depending on the size of the damage done to the pipe. Larger damage is clearly visible, causing rapid infiltration, sometimes even dripping or squirting water at the point of breakage.

However, if the problem is a minor crack, then it is necessary to note some important points.

First you need to take the registry test. Just close all the taps in the room and see if the register keeps turning. If it’s turning, then there’s some broken pipe where the water is being lost.

If the test does not present possible problems and the house is supplied by a water tank, it is important to take a look there is also no breakage and leakage between the tank and the exit points.

To do this it is necessary to go to the water tank and mark the water volume. Use tape or chalk to record the water level. With all taps off, wait 2 hours and check once more. If the water level has dropped during this time, then there is a leak and possible breakdown in the environment. For Plumbing Services Consult here

It is also possible to find broken pipes by noticing if there are areas with water puddles or wet terrain around the yard.

How to find a clogged pipe:

The first sign of a clogged pipe is water that no longer runs down the drainage system. However, it is possible to notice an obstruction even before the system stops for good.

When you notice that the water is taking too long to go down, or that drains are bubbling, it is possible to see a blockage. Backflow of water is also a strong sign that the pipeline has a blockage.

It is usually possible to identify where the clogging is from the room where the problem is most evident.

Professional detection of broken pipes and clogs:

These solutions can help you know that one of the two problems is happening in your property, but it will hardly be possible to determine the exact location where the repair should be done. By hiring Company we find the problem precisely for you for a quick and efficient repair. Here are some Plumbing basics  everyone should know




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