Desk Booking software checklist

With the rapidly evolving work environments, innovative work and office concepts are on the rise. With the pandemic causing major disruptions in the traditional setup of offices, hybrid work models are the only way to create safer and optimal work environments. Desk booking would be the next big thing towards an innovative, productive, and flexible work setup.

The right choice of desk booking software is essential to the flawless implementation and functioning of Desk Booking. Hence, it is very important to make the right and best choice. Here is a hot desking software checklist for you to get started that includes some of the essential features to look for in a desk booking software.

Support-ability of hoteling and hot-desking

Having dual features of hoteling and hot-desking can greatly help in automation and provide greater flexibility. Hoteling is the advanced booking of workspace whereas desk booking makes the space available on a first-come basis. The presence of dual features can eliminate the need of having a dedicated resource to manage the system.

Availability of Web and App versions

The proper and consistent usage of a system depends on the ease of access and operation of the user. Having the software available via Web and App can allow for seamless booking of spaces and promise a continued, successful and proper use of hot-desking.

Neighborhood discovery

The knowledge of the seating arrangements of the colleagues is important for a user so that he/she can book seats that are a safe distance from others. A precise and updated floor plan would also be essential for the proper allotment and visualization of spaces.

Other hardware and applications integrability

The software that you decide to buy should be checked for compatibility with the current system that you are using. Even if an effort is required, it’s necessary to make sure that the efforts required are as minimal as possible. Purchasing software that can not be integrated with your present system, would be a waste of time, money, and effort.

Safe and secure software

As the booking system contains sensitive information about the employees and utilization data, it is of grave importance to properly consider the safety features of the software. Enterprise grade encryption, compliance with privacy standards, and SSO support should be available for the software.

Should facilitate space optimization and increase efficiency

Your choice of the desk booking system should be as automated as possible. Matters like overcrowding prediction, handling no-shows, enabling staggering visit times, etc should be well taken care of in the system. If such intuitive capabilities are not available, then your choice cannot be considered the best choice for the purpose.

Good ROI and cost-effectiveness

During the process of selecting a desk booking software, implementation, up-gradation, and maintenance costs are often overlooked by most. Beyond the license and subscription fee, nothing much is taken into account. Any software which requires constant technical support can create a financial burden in the long run even if the purchase cost is low. So, all short and long-term financial aspects are to be considered when choosing a desk booking software.

Some of the matters that also need to be kept in mind before buying a desk booking software are:

Optimizing space should be the main goal

Desk booking software that has additional features like employee tracking etc might be very luring to take up but it might make employees hesitant to use the system. Sticking to the goal of using the system for its intended purpose is the best idea.

Provision for incorporating additional features later

With technological advancements and work concepts changing and evolving at a rapid pace, the need for having solutions that are flexible enough to allow for the incorporation of additional features is always a better choice.

Provision for extending booking feature to other equipment and assets

Having the room to allow for extending booking capability to other equipment or assets in the company for shared use can be beneficial. If such an extension feature is available with the space management software, then it can be a bonus.


The software should possess user-friendly, easy-to-train and learn interfaces, functions, and operations. If the learning and understanding process gets complicated, it would be difficult to get your employees on board.

Hot-desk booking is here to stay and will be an integral part of smart offices. So taking the time to find the right kind of booking software considering the above mentioned, can be the best.

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