Documents From Vehicle Accidents to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer


After you’ve experienced the effects of a car accident, it’s natural to feel lost and helpless. These wrecks often come with physical and emotional pain, in addition to a road to recovery that can be trying and lonely.

When you’re able to prove your case, these burdens will be lifted one step at a time. In addition to hiring a quality car accident lawyer, you’ll need to come to the lawyer with the right documentation to help prove all your damages.

We can help you get started. These tips will assist you in collecting documents from vehicle accidents to win your case.

Get a Car Accident Report

The most important detail that you need to shore up is getting a vehicle accident report copy. The police department or highway patrol that responded to the scene of your accident will have a report on file. 

Check in with this jurisdiction shortly after the accident so that you can obtain a copy to give your lawyer. These reports will include details that explain how the accident occurred, the time of day, the damages sustained, and other important points of information. 

Show Medical Records That Show Your Injuries and Doctor’s Advice

Medical records are also vital since they will be make or break in helping you prove the damages that you’ve experienced. 

The medical records will show that you suffered an injury, in addition to the nature of it and what kind of recovery that you’re dealing with. 

Carry a copy of medical records with you after each and every appointment. This way, you’ll get the chance to legitimize your case and also keep tabs on the bills that you accumulate. 

Start with the first emergency or urgent care visit, and compile records from physician visits, in addition to visits to the chiropractor, physical therapist, mental health therapist, and any other professionals. 

Maybe you’ve suffered whiplash, or perhaps you have a back injury, broken bones, internal bleeding, or concussion symptoms. Having concrete evidence in the form of medical records will help you recover all damages. 

Furnish Photos and Videos of the Accident 

Take the time to gather some photos and videos after the car accident. Get as many shots and angles as possible to show what kind of damage your car sustained, as this will back your narrative events and the assessment of the insurance adjuster. 

Your lawyer will be able to use this multimedia to help you get a new vehicle or to repair your current one. 

Provide Statements From Witnesses

Witnesses are also helpful in your case. You should get the contact information from as many witnesses as possible so that they can record statements or testify in your favor. 

Your lawyer will get in touch with your witnesses and use them in depositions and other matters of your case. 

Collect the Best Documents From Vehicle Accidents

When you collect the best documents from vehicle accidents you’ll be more likely to win your case. Your case is also as strong as the evidence that you have, so diligently collect as many records as you can. 

Use these tips and check out some of our other posts when you’d like to learn more about winning your car accident case. 

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