Famous Cartoons of La Alba, Mexico – El Chapo De Sinaloa

El Chapo De Sinaloa

Ernie Perez is best known by his stage name, El Chapo de Sinaloa. He began playing electric guitar at the age of eleven, and began to perform with various groups from ages twelve to sixteen. At sixteen, he began to play in folk and jazz bands, as well as joining local folk and blues bands as a teenager. In fact, he claims to have been listening to blues while growing up in Mexico City

Most famous for his powerful and distinctive style of singing, El Chapo de Sinaloa is known for his fast and heavy rhythms, along with a wide range of guitar techniques. Some of his earliest and most popular songs include “jarabe a mano” (ielcore de mano) and “Pico de gallo.” Another favorite is “Bailar con Dios” (Bailar, Come to Me).

It wasn’t until 2021 when another artist really took notice of El Chapo de Sinaloa’s music and that artist was none other than superstar Randa Jarrar. The then 16 year old singer/songwriter released her debut album Teotihuacan. This CD featured contributions from Randa Jarrar, as well as other well-known Mexican artists such as Paco Pena, Silvia Moreno, Miguel Lopez De Leon, Hector Malangas, Mario Cordero, and Diego Santana. One of the tracks on this CD was entitled “Espai en la lengua,” which translates into “eat me with lengua.” No one is certain what the meaning was, but it does give an indication as to the subject matter of the song.

Randa Jarrar has made a name for herself as someone who sings about life in the Mexican border city of Guadalajara. She has also been profiled by magazines such as GQ and InStyle. Her music has won many awards, including the Best Album trophy at the 2021 Grammy Awards. Randa has gained a large following for her work as one of the many local talents in the region known as Culiacan, where El Chapo de Sinaloa is located.

El Chapo’s real name is Juan Francisco Salinas. Many people outside of Mexico have confused him with another singer of the same name, Francisco Salinas, who lives and works in Culiacan. However, the two are actually very different from each other.

Salinas, who goes by the name Juan Francisco Salinas has a stage name of Juan Francisco Lopes, a stage name that has been used by many artists from the Mexico music scene over the years, most notably Chaka Khan. Before settling into his role as El Chapo, Salinas performed with a band called Badiraguato. The group, which was popular in the 1980s, went under the names Cumbiaillas and Badiraguato was their last name.

Another artist with ties to the music of El Chapo de Sinaloa is actress Camila Cameruci, better known as someone from the television series Everybody Loves Raymond. She also has stage names like Camila Carcano, Nidia Cruz, and Nidia Vallarta. It’s safe to say that any fan of Salinas would be very familiar with both her real name and her stage name. The actor started learning guitar when he was young according to interviews from the late seventies. According to some sources, he began studying classical guitar when he was eighteen years old and began doing solo and group work around the age of twenty-one.

The links between Salinas and Chapo de Guadalupe are clear but it seems that Salinas has also borrowed some of the ideas from Mexican folktales. One particular story tells of a woman called Guadalupe who married a rancher who owned this place called La Alba, which is located near Salinas. Guadalupe gave birth to two children who were found living in poverty on the streets of La Alba. The legend goes on to say that the children grew up singing songs of La Alba and went on to become well known singers all throughout Mexico and even across the United States.

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