Everything you need to know about a custom license plate in California

First things first, you get a custom license plate in Californiafor automobiles, motorcycles, trailers, and commercial vehicles. They are a great way to brandish your support for cause you believe in. They are also called special interest plates in standard or sequential numbering, or custom/personalized letters/numbers styles. 

There are a few purposes behind needing to check a California tag. The most well-known explanation is to keep an eye on the accessibility of vanity plates to enroll in another tag. To check the accessibility of California tags, you can utilize the assets given by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Different purposes behind checking a California tag might incorporate a lawbreaker or individual examination. To look for licenses plates thusly, you should contact an individual specialist or law implementation official.

There are a few things to know before you can order your license plate.

  • Your request for the custom license plate must be original to get online ordering approval. For transfer, conversion, replacement, retention, renewal, or gift, you need to complete and submit the pivotal Special Interest License Plates Application.
  • The next step is to get your registration card for your vehicle. The authorities will mail the plates to the address they have on their file.
  • If you want to update/change your mailing address, submit the crucial Notice of Change of Address. Do remember that before ordering a license plate, you need to allow 72 hours for the new address to show up. 

How to order?

The State’s motor vehicles department monitors the distribution, assessment and issuance of custom license plate in California. The state allows you to check whether your license plate’ specific lettering is available online or not. 

  • You can order personalized license plates online. It can take up to 8-12 weeks to process and deliver the needful. 
  • Only a registered owner of a vehicle can order the license plates. The plate must entail registration in compliance with the California vehicle department at the issuance time.
  • It also depends on the types of vehicles. Regarding the fee for a custom license plate, you need to pay $49 along with other registration and renewal fees. 
  • There are other special interest plates that necessitate extra fees. These are Coastal Commission plates or California Memorial plates.
  • California allows a maximum of seven characters on your custom plate. You’re free to use your favorite combination of letters and numbers.
  • The limitations that you need to keep in mind are custom vanity license plates are subject to the state motor vehicle department. 

You might find it worrisome that their website states it clearly that the department reserves the right to refuse your numbers or letters that may feature connotations, which may not be in good taste. Misleading words or conflicting letters will invite trouble.

Know the application requirements

Your first application for a custom license plate in Californiais useful for numerous types of vanity plates. You’ll find that you’re legible to apply for a special license plate when you need a plate with certain designs. 

These are amateur radio, antique motorcycle, historical value, congressional badge or medal of honor, honorary consul, horseless carriage, legion of valor, purple heart recipient, Pearl Harbor savior, press photographer, and year of manufacture.

Depending on the requisite character length, you can choose any combination of numbers and letters. Do remember that the state laws don’t mandate using numbers that substitute letters or vice-versa.  The contents of your license must not be similar to another plate in use. 

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