Everything You Need to Know About CD Cover Printing

cd cover printing

Live streaming and downloads have ruled the music, video, and the entire entertainment industry for the longest time. However, the previous year saw a significant leap in the CD market, as CD sales went high for the first time after 17 years.

The market reports indicate that physical formats, including CDs and Vinyl, are starting to outpace downloads once more. That makes now the best time to get your music, video, or software package into a physical format and to the market.

However, your success depends on several factors, including your CD cover printing. This article outlines some of the most critical information on what you need to know about CD cover printing.

Can You Create Your CD Covers Yourself?

CD printing gives your content a visual and palpable impact than digital content. But, quality and professionalism still determine how your fans interact with the whole idea.

If you’ve never done CD cover artwork before, it’s best to entrust the task to a professional. Alternatively, you can consider hiring a professional graphic designer to make it consumer-centric at a lower rate.

Still, you can take advantage of online and offline programs like iTunes to create and print your CD cover. You can also print your CD cover in word, using Microsoft Office.

If you decide to go the professional way, ensure that you abide by the industry rules lest they reject your CD.

How to Print Cd Cover

After making your CD Cover, now it’s time to print. You can print the piece following these directions:

  • Set the printer settings to CD/DVD media
  • Ensure the CD image comfortably fits on the CD
  • Place the printer’s CD/DVD tray in which your printable CD goes
  • Print

Strategies for CD Cover Printing

Printing your CD cover is a big step in your content production career. Before you finalize the process, consider the following strategies.


The quality of your CD content is very critical to its success. But the outer packaging is the selling point of everything inside.

Thus, you need to pay attention to how you package your CD. The Jewel case has fantastic cover printing options to make your product epic and professional.

However, this is not the only way. Keep exploring different alternatives till you find something that matches the greatness of the audio in your CD. For example, CD Digipak offers a current and stylish packaging option with four variations.

The different variations, four-panel, six-panel, eight-panel, and ten-panel, make the CD Digipak one of the most popular and stylish options. You can try it and see how it feels for your music.

Consider Bulk Printing

Starting the CD printing process entails a paid pre-press time and setup. In the case you have up to three CD sleeves to print, you’ll have to pay for the pre-press costs thrice. Yet, if you consider bulky CD services, you’ll only incur the charges once.

Additionally, price-per-piece is often lower if you print in bulk than when you do the sleeves independently.

Get Your CD Cover Printing to a Successful Start: Learn the Tricks

The success in everything lies in having information. The more knowledge you get, the easier the task and the better the results. CD cover printing is a critical part of your music production, and you don’t need to take any chances with the process.

Keep checking this website for more advice, guides, and trends about CD printing and production, alongside other news to propel your career and interests.

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