Exploring the Bubble Kush Strain

The Bubble Kush strain is one of the many weed strains available in the market that are widely loved globally. It contains both THC and CBD making a perfect weed strain for getting high, feeling relaxed, and the treatment of medical conditions such as pain and anxiety. 

Medical marijuana has extremely become very popular nowadays and Bubble Kush is one of the weed strains specifically used for these purposes. There are several weed strains you can buy but mainly users choose these strains because of the effects they produce after smoking. 

Bubble Kush weed is a cross between the indica and the sativa cannabis species, with indica being the most dominant, contributing 80% of the plant’s genome. CBD and medical marijuana users love this strain because of the amazing feeling and experience it provides. You can find out more about Bubble Kush weed in this post. 

What is the origin of bubble Kush weed?

In the early 90s, a lot of farmers started growing marijuana and began experimenting by mixing different weed strains to produce an even better strain. One of the results of these experiments was the Bubble Kush strain. It is believed to be a cross of Bubble Gum and the OG Kush weed strains. The Bubble Kush strain has a high THC content of 19% one of the numerous traits it shares with OG Kush. 

Many weed and CBD users often confuse the Bubble Kush weed strain with Organic Bubba Kush but in reality, the two are different. While the latter is rich in CBD and low in THC, the former is the exact opposite. The effects of using Organic Bubba Kush are similar to that of the Bubble Kush weed only its users do not get high. If you are a CBD lover, you can source your organic Bubba Kush from leading growers such as Cannaflower

Bubble Kush review

If you like trying different weed strains, perhaps a quick Bubble Kush review can help you learn more about this strain. Bubble Kush weed not only has an amazing aroma and taste, but it also produces high yields—a reason why many farmers like it. This weed strain produces huge dark-green buds and flowering begins just about 7-8 weeks after planting. 

When grown indoors, Bubble Kush weed can achieve a height of 80-140cm and about 160-200cm when planted outdoors. Its unique aroma, jar appeal, and bud structure are some of the reasons why it is loved and used by many people. 

Effects of using the bubble Kush strain

Many people who prefer smoking the Bubble Kush strain weed say that it gets them high quickly, keeping them euphoric and excited with a sleepy high feeling. If you are having a lazy day off, this could be the perfect strain to get you relaxed. Just like the OG Kush weed, this strain can also help get rid of constant headaches, depression, and anxiety. 

Although many of the effects of using this weed variant are great, some users have experienced a few mild negative effects. The effects mainly experienced are dry eyes and a cotton mouth. A few users can also develop paranoia after using this strain. 


If you are looking to have a relaxed day, the Bubble Kush strain will be the perfect weed for you. If you are having a fun weekend with friends doing activities you love, smoking this weed can make your day perfect. Just ensure you source your product from reputable sellers such as Cannaflower. 

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