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Reading the Quran is undoubtedly a great virtue.However people prefer to read the Online Quran Teaching, they all have one thing in common: they reap the rewards. But why not bring perfection to your recitation? By perfection, I mean learning the Quran with Tajweed.

With the innovation of technology, Tajweed online courses have replaced the way the Quran is studied in religious schools. It is a better, more convenient and cheaper way to learn the Quran online. Studying Tajweed online has many potential advantages, which are discussed at the end. However, when it comes to taking a Tajweed online course, a lot of questions suddenly pop up in people’s minds. Every other day I get new questions from different people. Some people don’t know how to study the Online Quran Teaching with Tajweed, while others are reluctant to take it up because they think it might cost them a lot of money.

In order to answer these questions and get people out of this confusion, I have decided to write this article. In this article, I will address the most common questions about online taiweed courses. Apart from this, you will also get to know how expensive it is to hire an online Quran teacher. But first things first.

What is a Tajweed online course?

Before we discuss this in more detail, it is necessary to get to know what a Online Quran Teaching course actually is.
With a Tajweed online course, you hire a Quran teacher to help you learn Tajweed via the internet. There are many online Quran teaching institutions. You need to contact them and choose the type of course you are interested in. Next, you will be given a few introductory lessons, and if the teacher has understood you correctly, the regular lessons will begin. However, if you have problems with your teacher, you can ask to be assigned another teacher to study with. This way you can study the Holy Quran without having to go anywhere.

Is it expensive to learn Tajweed online?

One thing that stops people from taking Online Quran Teaching courses is that they find it expensive. This is why they don’t even consider learning the Quran online. But does learning the Quran online really cost a lot of money, or is this just a misconception? The truth is that it is actually cheaper than going to madrasah. You can save a lot of money by studying Tajweed online.

When you go to madrasah, you have to pay part of the daily transportation costs. Going to a religious school is also another struggle when you are exhausted after a long day at school. When you add up these daily travel expenses, you can earn a lot of money to cover the cost of the Quran online religious education academy. All you need to do is dig around on the internet, and it will help you find the Online Quran Teaching for you within your budget.

Yes, it is possible that you might come across an academy that might charge you a high fee. If this happens, you might start thinking that studying Quran online is expensive, even though it is not. So don’t blindly accept whatever institution you come across. Do your research, compare fee structures, quality of service and look for reviews of different institutions. This will help you find the ideal Quran teacher for your child.

What does the Tajweed course include?

This is confusing for many. When learning Tajweed, people do not know what they are learning on the course. It is important to know these basics. Thus, a typical course usually covers, but is not limited to, the following

The Arabic alphabet and grammar.
Pronunciation scores (17 in total).
Thickness and thinness of words and letters.
Lengthening of words.
Sakinah letters (Nūn sākinah and tanwīn, Iẓhār, Iqlāb, Mīm sākinah, etc.).

Knowing all this information will enable one to become proficient in reciting the Qur’an. However, the Tajweed online course is not limited to the above topics and you can learn much more by registering for this course.
Tajweed online course schedule

I know you’re busy figuring out how to manage your time on my Tajweed online course. This is probably because you have seen madrasa students struggling with time management to manage their madrasa time. However, there is no such problem when studying the Quran online. You decide for yourself when classes are held.

You are free to choose when you want to attend Tajweed classes. Once you have hired a tutor, you will be asked what time you can attend the classes. So you can save yourself this struggle by scheduling your classes when you are free.
I don’t understand the basics

Many students have asked me that I don’t know the basics of Online Quran Tutor. So can I take a Tajweed online course or is it only for advanced level study? Well, you don’t have to be a master of tajweed to take a tajweed online course. You can take this course no matter how superficial your knowledge is. If you are an expert, why would you want to take a tajweed course? So even if you don’t know what the word tajweed means, it doesn’t matter, you should still take a tajweed online course.

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