Halloween Treat Packaging Ideas

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We all know that trick or treat is the famous tradition of Halloween. Kids dressed up in their costumes show up at the doors and ask for candies. You may have a part at your house, and now you are looking for treat packaging ideas. Everyone wants to stay unique with their ideas when it comes to giving treats. People look for packaging that represents the true spirit of the occasion and also keeps the candies protected. This article will explain the best Halloween packaging ideas for treats.

Use pumpkin packaging:

The best way to use packaging is to make it look like a pumpkin. It will present the spirit of the occasion. You can use a box and cut it into the shape of the pumpkin. You can also use packaging inserts and wraps for the candies to stay safe. Now you just have to paint the box in the color of the pumpkin. You can also put googly eyes and a face outside the packaging to make it look like a pumpkin. This attracts the kids, and they will be happy to receive the colorful packaging. You can also use the wrapping paper to give it the shape of candies and stick it on these custom boxes.

Paper ghosts packaging:

An amazing way to put your candies in the packaging is to use the shape of a paper ghost. You just have to use a box and cut it into the shape of a lamp-like figure. Once it is done, place your candies inside the packaging. Now close it with a lid and use a wrapping paper of black or white color. You can also use black markers to draw a face on the packaging. It will give them the appearance of ghosts. If you want it easy for the kids to carry them, you can add a handle as well. Kids will love the idea and will be curious to get their hands on these bags.

Bat paper bag:

You can use a bat paper bag to put your treats in it. Take a box and cut it in the shape of a bat. You can also use a holder and attach wings with it. Once the bat shape is achieved, you just have to put your delicious treats in it. Many people use these bat paper bags to give cookies and sweet tarts on Halloween. You can also put lollipops and candies in them. This is a cute way to hold your candies as well. You can use sticky notes, glue, and tapes to keep the candy firm in the bag.

Halloween treat cups:

This is another amazing idea for the packaging of treats. You can use plastic cups and wrap them up with colorful paper. You can use orange color for the wrapping paper to make it look like a small pumpkin. For spooky vibes, you can also use black and white wrapping paper. The cups can be used to place candies in them. You can also serve sweet tarts and marshmallows in them. Use ice cream sticks for putting candies on them and serve them in the cups. People also use several shiny stickers and pearls. These are attached around the corner of the cups.

Glove hand:

This is the best idea for the packaging of treats on Halloween. You can use a chart and cut it in the shape of a glove. You can also use rubber gloves for taking the accurate size. Once you have made the glove packages, it is time to fill them with candies. The five fingers filled with candies will excite the kids. This idea is among the most trending ideas for packaging this year. You can represent the vibe of the occasion along with the hint of creativity.

Coffin treat box:

If you want your treat box to look unique than the rest, you can use a box and give it the look of a coffin. The lid of the box will act as an opening door of the coffin. This idea is unique, and not many people are using it. You can also add multiple compartments in the box and add different kinds of treats in them separately. You can also paint the box in dark and spooky colors. Spooky figures, including ghosts and spider webs, can also be drawn on the box to make it look realistic.

Witches hat packaging:

Kids will love a witch hat packaging for their treats. You just have to use some Kraft papers and turn them into a hat. You can also attach some suspenders to the hat to make them look realistic. People add hair and fake wigs to give a realistic look. You can use it both ways. Keep the candies inside the hat and seal it with a lid. You can place it upside down so that kids can easily get access to the candies.

Party poppers 

A hot-selling idea for the packaging of the treats is to make your packaging look like a party popper. It is a simple idea and can be easily done at home. Take glitters and small paper patches and cut them in half. Place them inside the treat box and seal it. You can use the skull and vampire-themed patches inside the box. When kids open it, the sparkly paper patches will be all over along with the candy. This can be a great idea for the Halloween food serving as well.

Every year people start to actively look for ideas for Halloween treat packaging. They want to surprise the kids when they come for candy. There are many packaging ideas to make your Halloween treat packaging special this year. You can use bat-shaped packaging to put the candies in it. Glove packaging is also famous, and it represents the vibe of the season in the most accurate way.

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