Hip Hop Beat: How to Break Into the Music Business


It seems like everyone wants to become a hip-hop artist nowadays, but nobody in your group of friends has had any luck. What gives?

The secret is in your focus.

It takes more than just announcing your dreams to the world; you have to take it into your own hands to make it happen.

Only the hungriest aspiring artists can do it.

Want to drop your own hip hop beat at your own hype concert? Here are music industry tips to get you started.

Keep Your Day Job

You can’t sing while you’re hungry, and you can’t play an instrument if you can’t afford to tune it. You need to survive while you work on your music career, and money is what you need to make it happen.

A steady job may seem dull (and it is!), but it gives you everything you need to keep the lights on and food in your stomach.

Work on your musical passion on the side, during nights, weekends, days off, and holidays. Fill up your spare time with activities that can turn your hobby into your future career.

Practice a Lot

Natural talent can only take you so far; to truly become a strong artist, put in the time and dedication! Practice is what you need to take your musical career to the top.

This a great opportunity to learn how to start rapping and producing good music consistently.

If you lack natural talent, you will have to develop it through training.

You must practice your musical skills to smooth out the rough edges. It takes countless hours of practice to remove any inconsistencies in your performance.

Record an Album

There’s no better way to prove yourself than to record an album. A complete album proves that you’re serious about going into the music industry.

There are a lot of things you’ll need to record your album:

  • Song choices
  • Practice
  • Recording equipment
  • Time
  • Cover art
  • Audio file editing software

Once you have full-fledged demo music in your hands, you can distribute it to record producers or sell them to interested prospects.

Check out these free rap beats for additional inspiration.


If you’re really sure you want to become a hip hop artist, then you need to perform. If you enjoy being in the spotlight, then you’ll naturally feel right at home. But, if you can’t handle the heat, then maybe it’s time to find another aspiration.

Find yourself gigs to perform in: at bars, restaurants, special events, or anything else you can find. You will need to put yourself out there and gain experience, too. The more gigs you get, the better the chances of establishing your hip-hop or rap career.

This is Your Hip Hop Beat

In the past, very few musicians could ever hope to strike it big in the music industry. Times have changed, and more opportunities are available than ever. You can get into the hip hop beat and become a famous hip-hop artist with patience and perseverance.

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