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Hiring app developers india

There are many reasons for remote hiring, including cost advantage, access to the talent pool, more experience and expertise with a particular niche and several others. But some countries offer a lot of other reasons to opt for remote hiring. For example, when it is about hiring remote app developers India offers one of the best talent pools with an astounding cost advantage.

In recent times, businesses from all over the world have shown interest in hiring remote software developers from India for cost benefits and the exceptional exposure Indian developers enjoy in dealing with small business projects.

If you have decided to hire remote app developers for your next project, India seems to be one of the unmistakable options to consider. So here we are going to explain some of the key reasons to hire app developers from India.

Understanding the Remote Hiring Scenario in App Developers India

Having a clear understanding of the typical steps and challenges in remote hiring is important. On top of that, you must know the key platforms and job boards that remain popular for remote hiring in India. Here is the basic process for hiring app developers India.

  • Top job boards popular for developer job search and developer job search in India include Monster, LinkedIn, Cutshort, Stack Overflow, Glassdoor and Naukri. LinkedIn ranks as the most sought-after job search destination for developers in India and many other countries.
  • After collecting resumes, if you have many applicants for the job position, it is advisable to narrow down the choices by conducting a coding evaluation test. A live coding interview will help you get the actual applicants who are befitting for the job position.
  • After carrying out the coding test, start screening the applicants through a virtual interview. Here you need to assess their soft skills, communication, personality attributes, team spirit, etc.
  • At the next step, let them work alongside your technical team on a live project to make a final assessment of their coding skills, team collaboration, their dealing with software architecture and development challenges.
  • At last, you need to make the final job offer. Since app developers in India having years of experience and expertise always look for competitive remuneration packages and growth opportunities, you need to make an offer that looks lucrative.
  • At last, you also need to give attention to employee onboarding with a proper induction process to help developers align with the company vision.

Now that we have explained the process of hiring app developers India, let us explain these steps with more valuable tips.

Creating the Perfect Job Post to Hire App Developers India

Crafting an effective job posting for app developers India is crucial for the hiring process and a meaningful way to make the job post visible to the right candidates. In addition, a well-articulated job posting helps set the right atmosphere and expectations for the talents one looks for and the types of app projects the developer needs to work with.

Drafting the Job Description

For job posting to hire app developers in India, drafting the right job description is seminal importance. The job description must contain the following aspects.

  • The Skills Required: What programming languages, frameworks and development environments do the developers need expertise with? What kind of exposure and experience do they have on app projects?
  • The Qualifications Required: What academic qualification should the candidate have? What level of degree or certification are they required to have with the required skills?
  • Required Activities:Apart from the skills and qualifications required for the described job position, you should also mention how they are expected to apply different skills. How long they are required to have an association with the project and the company.

Lastly, you must remember that more specific you can be with your job posting requirements corresponding to skills, qualifications and in-job expectations, better the employee output you can expect.

Where to Make a Job Posting

We need to provide more details on where you should post developer jobs to get the best results. Obviously, this entirely depends on the kind of requirements the project has. It would help if you opted for certain job boards and a long-term association for a single and limited project. It would help if you opted for a different set of job boards. For one single project, it is advisable to post job requirements on online job boards such as, Upwork,, etc. These destinations are great for a reliable talent pool of app developers India for a limited engagement.

But for app development companies looking for long-term hiring of remote developers for a number of app projects, there are other destinations and job boards to opt for. LinkedIn and indeed, as of now, offer the best job boards for hiring remote developers. Monster, Naukri, StackOverflow, Glassdoor and Cutshort have also emerged as great job boards for hiring remote developers for long-term association. Many of these job boards specifically allow you to target India as the region for a talent hunt.

Carrying Out the Coding Test

Now let us spare a few words on carrying out an effective coding test that helps make the correct assessment of the developers. To begin with, you can carry out a simple coding test to assess whether the applicants are serious about the job position. For these, you can use online assessment tools offered by platforms such as Coderbyte and HackerRank.

The coding test should include the below-mentioned elements. 

  • Actual Development Scenarios:The coding test project should incorporate similar issues that the company’s developers are trying to solve.
  • Clear Deadlines: Like real-world app projects, the test projects should come with a clear deadline ranging between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • Objective Rubric: The test project should follow a clear objective rubric so that developers do not have bias and employers can easily find what they are looking for.

Lastly, it is important to remember that while coding tests will be an important aspect of the hiring process, this will not replace the importance of technical interviews. Technical interviews are crucial to go deeper into the expertise and experience of the developers.

Carrying Out a virtual Interview

For a company in the US to hire app developers India it is always preferable to conduct a virtual face-to-face interview through video call. This helps to know the candidate with the least difficulties. The same will also help you assess the interpersonal communication skill, attitude and mindset of the developer.


Getting the right developer talents onboard is not easy, and that is precisely why businesses always go for remote hiring to get the best exposure to the global talent pool. However, despite hiring app developers India, despite offering the most extensive talent pool across different skills, makes it challenging to get onboard the right candidate. For a job posting, you always get an overwhelming number of applications, and that is where the screening mentioned above tips and processes appear to be relevant.

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