How can women choose the best straw sun hat?

straw sun hats for women

It is necessary to select a proper straw sun hat. According to researches, some of the skin cancers exhibit on the face. And the sun’s harsh rays can also result in premature aging. You need to select a hat, keeping in mind protection from the sun.

The five important questions

Before you delve deep into your search, you need to consider five questions:

  • What is the activity you would engage in?
  • Do you want decent sun protection or enjoy maximum protection?
  • What kind of wide brim do you prefer?
  • Do you like functionality or fashion?
  • What is your hair type?

Are you going to be in the wind? If you are wearing a wide brim hat, it must have a chinstrap so that your hat stays in place. Usually, a wide brim straw sun hat picks upwind as if it has wings. Hence, a chinstrap will enable you to keep the hat in place if dropping your chin or bending over is part of your activity, such as gardening.

Your peripheral vision is an essential aspect for both playing multiple sports and safety. However, it’s a personal judgment call that you will have to make. It would help if you considered both brim sizes. If you are playing a sport, usually a three-inch brim is a good choice for you. And in case you consider the drape, check how far it will wrap around your face.

Are you going to get engaged in any activity that will result in body heat? If yes, it’s a smart call to wear a sun visor for the overall head aeration or select a sun hat that has mesh on the crown sides. You can also choose a hat crafted from a fast-drying fabric that enables evaporative cooling. One of the ways to cool the head in a dry and hot climate is to get your hat wet and allow the evaporation to cool the head.

The sun protection

Do you think about the maximum protection a straw sun hat can offer? According to experts, such a hat comes with a UPF 50 rating and has a 4 inches wide brim or greater. However, that’s not all. The brim needs to remain angled downward as it ensures maximum protection during the day. The best straw sun hats for women are designed similarly.

And it’s essential to know that how does it work? When the sun’s rays are directly overhead during high noon, a hat with a three-inch brim can offer maximum protection from the sun. However, when the sun is descending or ascending, the rays can get beneath the hat and reach your face. Also, during sunset and daybreak, the sun’s rays are horizontal, and then a wide brim fat might fail to provide the desired security.

And if you are thinking about spending your time outdoors with the sun near either horizon, it might seem enticing to choose straw sun hats with unique designs. These hats can provide the desired protection from the sun rays that you need. A hat that comes with a four inches brim can give good sun protection.

The wideness of the brim

Different people think differently about brim wideness. Some people can manage a wide brim without any issue, while others might think it’s slightly distracting. The truth is that when you have a wider brim, there is increased surface area to block the sun. However, the brim angle is also essential here. A wide brim straw sun hat that comes directly from the heat is great when the sun isn’t overhead. Also, a hat with a downward angled brim effectively provides you with greater protection from the sun for hours.

If you go by the rules, select a downward angled four-inch brim straw sun hat for maximum sun protection. If you find it comfortable, you can also choose a hat with a brim wider than four inches.

The relevance of fashion

As you might have noticed that a specific sun protection inventor has introduced novel hat designs to provide you ample sun protection. However, they might not look fashionable. The majority of these hats got designed in a way to cater to your sun protection requirements. Additionally, it also provides increased ventilation and neck protection. Also, today can opt-in for the wide brim straw sun hats that create an ultra-feminine and dramatic silhouette. You can choose the one that appeals most to you.

Your hairstyle matters

Is your hair short? If yes, then you need to think about your neck. It’s because a sun visor might expose your neck to sun rays. Here a full brim hat will be your ultimate choice. Also, your hair can get brittle, cracked, and dry in sun exposure. It’s a good idea to stay away from the visor gats so that your hair doesn’t get damaged.

These are some considerations that you need to make when you are all set to get the best straw sun hat for yourself.

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