How To Enhance The Presentation Of Your Candy Rigid Boxes

Candies are sweet treats that everyone loves. Irrespective of gender, age, and occasion, people love to have candies any time of the day. After meals, before class, during work, and just for the sake of it, candies are something people just like to pop and nibble on. There are so many flavors and types of candies available in the market. Hence there is a lot of competition between the different brands of candies. 

Being a candy manufacturer, you need to deal with the tough competition in the market. To deal with it, you need to work on the display and presentation of the products as that would make a difference. Packaging of a product is the first thing that gets noticed and gains customer attention. Therefore, you can go for custom packaging to ensure your products get the attention they deserve. With the help of custom packaging for your candies, you can make customers pick your product among a sea of competitor products. 

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How To Make Your Candies Stand Out With Rigid Packaging?

Give your products a packaging that looks a class apart and present your product appealingly in the market.

The custom rigid candy boxes are one such packaging that can make your product outshine all other products. Rigid packaging is durable, stylish, and versatile. It is the most impressive packaging your products can get and look chic. It is the most premium quality packaging that many luxury brands choose for their products. There are many benefits of selecting rigid materials for your product packaging.

A few of the pros are discussed below:

  • Rigid boxes make your product look a class apart with a smooth and fine exterior.
  • Rigid boxes can protect your products from external factors like heat, moisture, and excessive dryness. 
  • These can also withstand pressure and bumps during retail handling, shipping, and storage and keep the contents safe from damage. 
  • The rigid packaging provides an ideal substrate for customizations like printing techniques, color models, add-ons, and finishing coats. 
  • Your custom rigid candy boxes will look highly appealing with attractive custom designs applied over them. 
  • Moreover, this packaging is mostly used for luxury products, and it enhances the perceived value of your products.
  • Rigid packaging can help improve customer experience with the amazing feel it imparts when they open the box.
  • The unmatched structural strength and excellent outlook make it a packaging that instantly gains customers’ attention and explores your products. 
  • Also, you can customize these boxes into different shapes and sizes to cater to your product needs. You can design packaging according to different product quantities keeping aligned with your sales targets. 
  • There are a variety of packaging styles that you can have with rigid material. Rigid 2-piece candy boxes are one such example that you can design and make your products look inviting. 

Keeping in view the benefits you can avail with rigid packaging, you can simply go for it as what it offers is unmatched and can help fetch you more customers. 

Now How Can You Make Your Rigid Packaging Look More Attractive And Appealing For The Customers?

Here is how. You can make your rigid boxes nicely present your products with the help of customizations. Incorporating advanced printing techniques can help you create brand-specific packaging that helps promote your products and facilitate brand recognition and recall. Here are the popular printing techniques that you can utilize to create a design of your choice:

Lithography/Offset Printing Technique

This technology is used in the case of bulk orders. Printing manufacturers use different plates made out of metals or rubber to print on packaging. In this method, plates are inked with design specifics, and then the design is printed on paper by pressing these plates onto paper. There are rollers between plates with negative designs printed on them to mask design on plates and then on paper.

Pros And Cons Of Lithography:

  • Lithography uses PMS to print color models on boxes. PMS has an extensive range of colors.
  • It is used in bulk orders of more than 500 boxes.
  • It is used to print the best designs with exceptional print quality
  • Prints in such a method bleed less and have the finest ends.
  • It is difficult to incorporate design changes once the design plates are prepared.
  • It is not good for small orders and prototyping.
  • It is good with oil-based inks

Digital/ Inkjet Printing:

Digital printing is also known as inkjet printing, most common in large flyers, brochures, and brand guide paper printings. In this method, the ink comes from the indirect impact of paper resulting in a print.

It is the most advanced form of printing widespread with the advancement of digital technology in the printing industry.

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Pros And Cons Of Digital Printing:

  • Digital print commonly uses CMYK as color model to create images and designs
  • Used in small orders and prototyping
  • It is used to print the best and vibrant designs through computer colors
  • It is convenient to incorporate design changes with digital printing
  • Ink is directly placed to form pixel-based designs
  • It is not feasible for big orders

With the help of these printing techniques, you can create custom candy rigid boxes that can stand out and look a class apart. Your 2-piece rigid candy boxes can work as a marketing tool not just for the product but for the brand as well by having an enhanced look and remarkable appeal.

Customized Rigid Boxes Can Make Your Candies Sell Out Immediately 

Having rigid boxes for your candies can help you protect the products from external factors that can damage them. The rigid material makes your packaging look a class apart with a smooth outlook and sturdy structure. The Shop Rigid Boxes is always eager to serve you with the best packaging solutions. You can avail yourself of a discount of 20-40% with free shipping to your doorstep. All you have to do is phone us! Let’s create spectacular packaging for your tasty delights.

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