How to Find and Hire a Perfect Game Dev Team in 2022


Versatility, accessibility and efficiency. Hiring an IT outsourcing company for video game outsourcing can provide several solutions. But along with that comes some unique challenges. Through outsourcing, we place important business data and operations in the hands of an external organization. Therefore, it is important to establish trust and ground rules for successful cooperation and efficient completion of the project.

Why choose an IT outsourcing company for software development?

Outsourcing has opened up many opportunities for companies to partner with software companies that have the best technology and resources. It’s cost-effective, time-saving, and most importantly, ensures your business needs for reliable software are met without disrupting business operations.

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. This legendary quote encourages companies to focus on their strengths while IT outsourcing companies manage their technical back-end operations to keep the business running smoothly. Better communication has made it possible to overcome the challenges of outsourcing business operations. Improved conditions allow companies to fill their skills gap, as they can access global talent by outsourcing where possible. Outsourcing or global sourcing is a very strong strategy for recruiting talent, enhancing efficiency, and cutting down on work cycles.

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5 Key Questions You Should Ask a Software Outsourcing Company Before Hiring

We cannot stress this enough, but finding a reliable software development partner is paramount to your business. There are some factors to consider when developing a company’s IT outsourcing strategy. Business managers need to be clear about their expectations and ask the right questions to make sure the IT outsourcing company is the best fit.

You see, it’s easy to partner with a company that promises you the world. But do your due diligence and ask a potential partner these 5 important questions, so you can be sure that your money will be invested with equal results.

  1. Do you already have experience in similar positions?

Budget is, of course, an important criterion when making outsourcing decisions. However, this should not be a limitation, as in the long run you will be tied to an IT outsourcing company and must provide the best possible service. Therefore, the budget parameter should be moderated by the guarantee of the experience of the IT outsourcing company.

  1. How will you approach our project?

How many resources will be used? Will it be a great team, or will a small team of 6-7 people be enough? Here it is necessary to take into account the wage rate and the total costs of the company. Take this opportunity to meet with a team leader or manager, lay the groundwork for communication, understand their level of knowledge and skills, and see if they are the right fit for your business.

  1. What will be the Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

SLA is one important factor to prioritize when outsourcing your IT needs. In this agreement, the IT outsourcing company spells out the detailed list of support activities it will provide. It will include end-to-end program management and results for the company.

  1. What are the security measures on your side?

Each IT outsourcing company offers certain data protection and information security measures, but only the best companies maintain high security standards. One question: “How do you maintain and guarantee the integrity of your data?” will give a measure of the company’s security standards. Only work with an outsourcing company if they can provide information about their security team, internet security protocols, and contingency plans to ensure data protection.

  1. Who will manage the IT services?

There should be a basic governance structure that ensures accountability and understanding of your business group and IT service provider team. Basically, it will determine who will make specific decisions in specific scenarios.

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