How to Find the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer


Medical errors happen more frequently than many people realize. According to John Hopkins University, more than 250,000 Americans die each year due to medical errors. An even greater number are injured due to medical malpractice

The good news is that you can seek financial justice for medical errors committed against you or a family member. There are lawyers that specialize in litigating these types of cases.

Read on to learn about hiring a medical malpractice lawyer. Explore tips for finding the best medical malpractice lawyer near me.

Medical Malpractice Definition

Before searching for an attorney, it is important to understand what medical malpractice is. It occurs during the treatment of a patient.

To be considered malpractice, the attending physician needs to break from norms widely accepted in the medical community. Either an action or an omission can meet the legal definition of medical malpractice.

This action or omission must cause an injury to the patient. To win a medical malpractice case, your lawyer needs to prove the doctor acted negligently.

Online Research

The internet and social media are powerful tools for finding a medical malpractice attorney. Start your search by asking for professional recommendations on social media.

Of course, you can start by asking friends and family. However, you may find more success by connecting with local groups.

On Facebook, for instance, there are many community pages that provide support to local people. Here, you can leverage off others’ experience and find a reputable attorney.

Experience and Success

It is important to ensure that your attorney is experienced. They need to have years of legal experience specializing in medical malpractice law. You want to hire an attorney that has litigated cases against hospitals, nursing homes, and medical offices such as Curcio Law Offices.

The next thing to look for is the attorney’s success rate. You do not want to hire a lawyer that frequently files lawsuits just to have them dropped.

Instead, ask the attorney how often he or she lands their client a settlement. Continue to press on by asking for the average settlement amount for their clients?

Also important is asking the attorney whether they have experience with your specific medical injury. This specific experience can help the lawyer make a strong argument that the doctor was negligent.


You also need to inquire about the lawyer’s billing practices. In medical malpractice law, attorneys typically work on a contingency basis.

This means that they are only getting paid after a financial settlement is reached. The lawyer assesses their fee as a percentage of the total settlement amount.

Other potential charges include investigative charges and filing fees. These expenses are deducted after their calculated fee.

How to Hire the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer

You are now ready to hire a medical malpractice attorney. Victims of unnecessary medical injury require justice to even the score. A good attorney can secure you a large settlement to help pay for your medical bills and loss of work.

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