How to Make the Most of Your Business When Things Are Slow

It is inevitable that, throughout a business’s life span, there will be times when business is slow, as well on the other end of the scale when workers are rushed off their feet. Although the seesaw effect is not desirable, it can be taken advantage of and used to the business’s benefit from every angle. Indeed, finding other ways in which your business can make money without customer orders can open your mind to areas that can continue to be money-making, even while your business is overflowing with orders of its more regular services or products.

#1 Hire Out Your Expertise

Just because the workload is slow for your business, it does not necessarily follow that it is slow for everybody else’s, and you could very well find that there are businesses that would like and benefit from your expertise, giving you another way to bring in money to your business and keep you turning a profit from very little effort of your own.

#2 Start Working on Your Social Media Profiles

If you find that you still have time on your hands, you could find it very beneficial for your business and the prospect of additional orders to get on top of your business’s social media profile and create some dialogue or videos that your target market can interact with, as well as spread the awareness of your business and your products or the services that your business offers.

#3 Fill Your Trucks with Ad-Hoc Deliveries

If your trucks are dormant due to you not having any deliveries or they are leaving your depot part filled, you can look to get some ad-hoc deliveries to either fill the spaces or to fill the whole of your trucks, to get your shipping department earning some money for your business. Now, you can approach neighboring businesses or even customer’s businesses to see if they have any shipping work that you could make use of, or you could look for shipping work on a load board facility provided by a shipping broker and try Shiply, to see if any workloads suit your needs. Jobs are updated regularly, so even if there is nothing to suit you now, there may be something either later today or tomorrow, and it is a good thing to check regularly.

#4 Take Time to Retrain Your Staff Members

Of course, total downtime is very rare in business, even if there are slow times. You could make use of the slowness of your orders and spend the time getting your employees retrained or even trained up in different areas of your business. Multi-skilled employees are highly desirable as they will be able to follow the workload around your business, helping out in areas that are swamped, while their area or department is less than ticking over. 

With multi-skilled employees, you will find that you will be able to survive on a skeleton workforce should you feel that you need to downsize in the future, to grow bigger and better in the long term.

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