How to Troubleshoot Common Printer Errors?

Troubleshoot Printer Errors

Printers are necessary devices but get into errors often. While taking the printout, your printer device can get into error and stop working. The printer device can get into errors when its parts or driver is not working. Whenever the printer shows you an error, inspect the common causes and try to repair your error manually.

Troubleshooting common printer errors

Printer is offline

When the hp printer showing offline, check for the connection. The printer shows offline status when it can’t find the connected device. Check the cable of your device. Ensure that the cable is not loose while connected. If your cable seems damaged then get a new high-speed printer cable. When you are using the printer device wirelessly, check the network. The printer gets offline when it can’t find the WPS pin. Go to the router and then restart its WPS pin. Now check the printer and try to connect it to the WPS. After connection, you can easily take the printouts.

The printer is running slow

The speed of your printer device gets affected due to the low-speed cable. When the printer seems slow; check your cable and change it. The speed of network printing is always slower than cable. If you are using a printer on a network; then you have to place the printer near to the network. Otherwise, use the USB cable for better speed. The speed of your printer decreases with time. When you have an old printer and you need good printing speed then change the mode. If you take printouts with low-quality; speed will get increased. But use this printing mode only while taking black and white printouts. The quality of colored printouts will be very poor in low mode. Go to the printer and change the mode. Now the printer will run with good speed. If you have to take high-quality printouts then switch the mode to high. 

Printer in error state

If you get the error state while running the printer then check for its driver. HP printer is in error state that occurs due to driver error. Without the correct driver, your printer device can’t understand any commands of the computer and get into error. You have to inspect the printer’s driver and repair it. On the computer, navigate to the drivers’ tab. Click on the printer driver and check the update. After updating, run the printer and check for errors. You can install a driver repair program. The program will repair all the corrupted drivers of your device. You can uninstall the corrupted program and install a new driver setup.

The printhead is not moving

If the printhead of your device is not moving correctly then check for the dried ink. The printhead gets clogged if the user doesn’t clean the dried ink. Open the printer’s access door and then check for the printhead. If the head seems jammed then take a cloth and clean it. Clean the dried ink and dust from the printhead. You can also use a cleanser for removing the ink. When the printhead gets dry completely , check the printhead. Users can also clean the printhead by using the utility function. Every printer provides an inbuilt cleaning tool. Run the function and it will clean the printhead. 

Printer stop working

When the printer stopped working taking the printouts then you have to restart it. The printer can stop working due to any kind of runtime error. When you restart the printer device, your runtime error will get fixed. Reconnect the printer to the computer and try to print your document. If the printer is still not working; try running the printer troubleshooter. You will get the troubleshooter on the Update and Security tab. It will fix the printer related errors and then you can use the printer reliably.

The printer shows cartridge error

For troubleshooting cartridge related errors, open the access door. Check whether the ink cartridges are installed correctly or not. Remove the cartridge and check the pins. Assure that you have removed the protective clips before installing the cartridge. Now reinstall it correctly and then check for the cartridge. If the ink is very low, refill the cartridge and then install it. 

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