Hybrid Town Hall Meeting

Hybrid Town Hall Meeting

With the change in circumstances due to the pandemic, all physical events have shifted to virtual platforms. All types of events are either being hosted or broadcasted digitally. Hosting events on a Hybrid Event Platform might have sounded bizarre a few years back, but their prevalence is growing more and more with each passing day. Hybrid Town Hall Meeting have always been a significant part of all organizations.

What is a Town Hall Meeting?

Different organizations host town hall meetings to communicate with all their employees at the same time. These are large conference meetings organized in a huge conference hall with the participation of all the employees. Town Hall Meetings are mostly planned with the goal to broadcast important information about the organization to a large number of people.

However, before the concept of Hybrid Events emerged, hosting town hall meetings was a challenging task due to different reasons. Either the employees failed to reach the venue because of traveling constraints or were too busy for the decided agenda. But ever since the event industry began hosting hybrid events, all such constraints have been eliminated.

What is a Hybrid Town Hall Meeting?

A hybrid town hall meeting is the one that is hosted physically but also broadcasted online. The most useful advantage of a virtual town hall is that employees residing at remote locations or present at different branches of the organization can also attend these meetings easily through the Hybrid Event Platform.

Attendee participation, interaction, and engagement are very vital to host any organizational event successfully. But as we shift to a virtual platform, it becomes challenging to keep your virtual attendees engaged throughout the event. In this case, your remote attendees are just a click away from leaving the meeting if they are not paid enough attention by the organizers.

Therefore, there are various things you should keep in mind while hosting a Hybrid Town Hall Meeting to ensure that all your employees are paying attention, be it in-person or remote. Let’s look at the top steps you should follow to host a successful Hybrid Town Hall Meeting.

How to Host a Hybrid Town Hall Meeting?

1) Identify Your Goals Behind Organizing a Hybrid Town Hall Meeting

Determining your objective behind hosting a Hybrid Event will help you in executing the event successfully. There can be different goals behind hosting an event. Some would host a Town Hall Meeting to accumulate their employees’ feedback and some would host the same to take an update.

Ask yourself the following questions to ensure smooth execution of your Hybrid event:

  • Do you want the event to be live, on-demand, or both?
  • What are the engaging elements that you want to include in your virtual town hall venue?
  • Which employees are expected to register for your Hybrid Town Hall Meeting?
  • Which modes of communication will be involved?
  • What type of content do you wish to share in the meeting?
  • What are the tools you want to use for your remote attendees?
  • Etc., Etc.

Once you are done answering these questions, you can move further with the process of hosting your Hybrid Town Hall Meeting.

2) Decide, Design, and Create the Content

Determining the type of content you wish to incorporate in your Hybrid will further help you host the event smoothly. You need to pay more attention to your remote attendees as the content you present on the hybrid event platform will play a key role in keeping them engaged. Design and produce the content, keeping in mind your goals behind hosting the event.

3) Choose the Right Venue and Hybrid Event Platform

Choosing the right physical and virtual venue plays a significant role in hosting a Hybrid Event because both your virtual and in-person attendees should feel like they are on the same page. Generally, the office is an ideal location to host a Town Hall Meeting as it is more convenient for all your teammates, but you can also choose a different venue.

On the other hand, opting for the right Virtual Event Platform is also very important as you need to ensure quality communication and engagement for your virtual attendees. An efficient virtual venue is well-resourced with the best advanced tools to host a successful Hybrid Event for you.

4) Send Invitation and Pre-Event Updates to Your Employees

Informing your employees about the Hybrid Town Hall date and schedule beforehand will ensure maximum participation as your employees will be prepared to attend the event.

5) Provide a Clear Agenda and Schedule Details

Providing all your employees with a clear agenda and schedule details about your Hybrid Town Hall Meeting will ensure that there is no communication gap or misinformation between you and your employees.

6) Invite Attendees’ Questions and Doubts in Advance

It is a good idea to invite questions from your employees before the event. You can further choose the best ones and share them with your presenters or speakers so they can prepare themselves to discuss these topics during the event.

7) Test the Event Technology and Set-Up

After the set-up of your event is completed, make sure you test it with a dry run. Performing tests on all the resources and tools involved in the execution of your Hybrid Town Hall Meeting will ensure that there are no glitches or scope of errors in the event technology.

8) Understand the Importance of Interaction

During the event, ensure maximum interactivity of all your attendees so that nobody feels left out. This way, all your employees will feel acknowledged and engaged throughout the event. Also, the interaction with your remote attendees is very significant as they might feel like they are missing out on something. You can also include live Q&A sessions, live polls, or games that will help your employees interact with each other as well as the presenters.

9) Appreciate All Your Attendees

You also need to acknowledge your attendees’ presence and the time they have dedicated to your Hybrid Town Hall Meeting. So at the end of the event, let them know that you appreciate their efforts and dedication as this will motivate them to participate in the future events you organize.

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