How Can Getting a Perfect Score in IB Maths Change the Course of your College Diploma

The IB mathematics program is challenging enough. However, many students who push themselves to perfection are only after one thing–a perfect score. In the IB scoring system, that means a 7. What’s the difference between a passing score and a perfect score? It might only be three points, but for some, it’s a clear distinction between personal success and failure.

When Doing Well Isn’t Good Enough

There are top performers and then there are the top performers. It might sound like the same thing, but there is always a little bit of difference in the personal drive and intrinsic motivation of an individual who does well versus one who is motivated to be the best. Do you want to be a surgeon or do you want to be a world-class surgeon? 

Do you want to be an investor or do you want to be the investor with the biggest portfolio? Do you want to be a professor, or do you want to lecture at the world’s top universities? There is a big difference between doing something and being the best. Students in the IB math program going after a perfect score are chasing more than an ego-boost. These individuals are driven to be the best of the best in their chosen fields.

What Does it Take to Get a Perfect Score?

We already know that the IB mathematics program can be intense. So, what does it really take to get a perfect score? To put it into perspective, every year around 170,000 students take the IB exams and out of that number, less than 1% will achieve a coveted perfect score. That makes those who do achieve a perfect score–among the elite.

It takes nothing less than pure dedication and a little aptitude to achieve a perfect score. Students in this cohort are extremely organized, dedicated, and entrenched in self-driven learning. They not only have the capacity to learn complex concepts and the perseverance to push through challenges, but they seem to understand the learning process at an intimate level. They don’t work towards understanding a concept, they work past it–continuing to drill the problems until they are expert mathematicians. 

Students that achieve a perfect score have well-developed collaboration and social skills, working with peer groups to enhance their learning. These students are great time managers and commit to studying from day one at a level far above the average student. 

The Bottom Line on How a Perfect Score Helps Students

A perfect score in IB mathematics is a notable accomplishment on its own. But what it really tells college admission boards and potential employers is that you are the best of the best. You have taken the time to develop the strongest work ethic. You have the best perseverance for challenges, and you are the most motivated to figure things out. All in all, you stand the best chance of acclimating successfully to even the most demanding academic programs or careers. And that characteristic opens the door to any opportunity you could imagine.

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