If You Are Fascinated By Boba, Try These 5 Flavors And Cherish Its Taste

The popularity of bubble tea has increased with the days, and it has scattered worldwide due to its renovation in taste and availability in various flavors. Originating from Taiwan, it is also called Boba tea in many countries; since then, many are curious about this beverage. People consider it the best beverage that quenches their thirst with refreshing essence and flavor. If you go on to discover its flavors, it will enlist at least twelve of them. It features different types of tea with and without milk and sweetener. However, it tastes fine. The bubbles are a trademark of the beverage, formed by mixing the drink in a shaker, which extends its taste after you bite the bubble while sipping the tea. 

So let us see some of the bubble teas with flavors that you must try at your restaurants nearby- 

Thai Milk Tea

It is a creamy-style tea prepared with extreme milk powder, fruits, and bubbles. People who love the spices in its tea would prefer Thai milk tea first and foremost. The most eccentric thing is it is easy to prepare and cost-effective. Hence, people can buy tea at a reasonable cost. It’s a delicious tea that is sweet and smooth with some ice cubes on the top. Pouring ice cubes in hot milk melts, quickly marrying the flavors aside. 

But people would be confused about how to order bubble tea at a beverage shop near their home as they attempt to taste this drink for the first time. In this regard, Pearl Lemon Boba can help you immensely by delivering various flavors of delicious boba tea. 

Green Milk Tea with Bubbles

It is one of the preferable beverages amongst tea lovers who love black tea over green tea. Though you will not get every type of green tea in bubble lists, you can try one of them- jasmine Milk Tea, Oolong Milk Tea, and Matcha Milk Tea. The preparation of bubble green tea required three essential ingredients- milk, tapioca pearls, and green tea. You can use condensed milk, which doesn’t require additional sugar to sweeten your tooth. 

Fruit Flavored Tea

People consume this beverage mostly in summer, and the best go-to drink refreshing beverage for all ages. The key ingredients for the preparation are fruits of different types, syrups, and ice. Without these three items, the beverage is incomplete. As it is a bubble tea, tapioca pearls remain the prime ingredient. The tea is healthier as well. People get lots of benefits after having this mixture drink for an hour. It is heavy; children cannot have large glasses of it, preferring to give the half glass because of its density and consistency. This beverage has its hybrid version, which combines different flavors of syrups, jellies, milk, and pearls into a one-cup drink. 


Bubble tea gets its name when people get the essence of the bubbles, which are tapioca pearls on the top of the beverage, formed after shaking the mixture excessively. Hence, it has been popular for decades, and people love to drink this type of beverage that soothes their moods and weather.

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