Itchy Throat Remedy that Actually Works

Winter is approaching, and you can sense that the viral flu is about to hit you. The first stubborn symptom of a cold is an itchy throat which is so hard to get rid of. Apart from your throat being sore and itchy, it also becomes harder to swallow food. 

An itchy throat is not welcomed at any time of the year. Hence, when you start to feel the first itch in your throat, you better do something about it. You are at the right platform if you don’t know how to treat an itchy throat at home. Jump in to find some of the best remedies for scratchy throat! 

Itchy Throat Remedies that Work Fast 

An itchy throat may be a sign that a viral infection is about to start or an allergy flare-up. Smart people always act fast and save themselves from falling sick for days. Here are some remedies that will ensure your itchy throat goes away fast and doesn’t convert into a nasty viral fever: 

  • Humidifier 

One of the most underrated things is probably a humidifier. Not many people put a humidifier to good use and think it’s a fancy device that does nothing. If you have a humidifier and never use it, it’s probably time to put it to good use. 

You start getting an itchy throat due to a lack of hydration or dry air. Winters are dry, making it harder for you to breathe; in return, you get an itchy throat. Humidifiers help alleviate the air’s moisture level, preventing viral infections and nasal blockage. 

  • Hot Foods/Soups 

Soups feel nice and comforting anytime, but winter is the best time to have them. Spicy soup can help reduce the itch in your throat and unclog your nasal passageways. If you are not into soups, a warm tea at the end of the day will do. 

On the other hand, chicken, beef, and even vegetable broth help clear congestion and treat the sore throat. Add hot foods, teas, or broths to your daily routine to avoid falling sick. 

  • Elderberry 

If you are a European, elderberry is a major part of your household, and you may have it regularly. Elderberry health benefits include getting rid of an itchy throat and avoiding viral infections. It has antibacterial compounds and anti-inflammatory properties that help in combating colds. 

Elderberry gummies are probably the best way of having them. You cannot have raw elderberries as they contain poisonous content, which can cause diarrhea or stomach issues. However, you can find its gummies and supplements anywhere, which makes it easier to incorporate into daily routines. 

  • Honey and Ginger 

Honey is the best natural healer, especially for viral infections and sinuses. Most people consider it a cough suppressor as it helps in reducing throat itchiness. It has anti-inflammatory properties that are great for throat pain and antibacterial properties ideal for fighting infections. It is best to have warm honey with salt and pepper for instant results. 

On the other hand, ginger is one of the best remedies for an itchy throat as it can draw out bacteria. It has various ailments that help maintain the strength of your immune system under different conditions. You can add ginger to your food or have a small piece raw to fight soreness in your throat. 

  • Salt Water Gargles 

Saltwater gargles are one of the ancient remedies that always work. Saltwater is probably one of the best ways to clear your throat and eliminate congestion. It would be best to use warm water and some salt to make the salt water. 

Use the salt water to gargle for at least ten minutes twice a day if you desperately want to get rid of an itchy throat. Make sure the water is hotter but won’t burn your tongue. The salt helps kill bacteria, eliminate itchiness, and unclog the throat. 

Final Verdict 

An itchy throat is one of the common symptoms leading up to a viral fever or allergy flare-up. However, treating a scratchy throat right away will probably save you from falling sick. Make sure to add healing ingredients with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to your diet. It helps in boosting your immunity and faster healing even if you fall sick. 

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