Lawyer Up: 9 Different Types of Lawyers You May Have Need For


There are roughly 1.3 million lawyers in the U.S.

The legal landscape is incredibly complicated. It’s rare to find a lawyer that understands every area of law. That’s why you see so many different types of lawyers.

It’s best to specialize in one area of law and refer clients out to other attorneys. How do you know which type of attorney you need?

Read this list of the different types of lawyers you might need to hire.

1. Family Lawyer

Do you plan to get married? Divorced?

If you have child custody issues or need a way to adopt a child, a family lawyer will assist you. They create prenuptial agreements, custody arrangements, and can represent you in court if your case is contentious.

Family attorneys can also draft wills and create family trusts. Some help with estate planning, but others will refer you to an attorney that specializes in wealth and estate planning.

2. Personal Injury Lawyer

You’re walking through a store. You slip on a wet floor and injure yourself. You need to see a doctor, miss work, and face a bunch of other issues.

Car accidents, dog bites, and worker’s compensation are other types of personal injury cases.

A personal injury attorney helps you receive damages if you’re injured and it wasn’t your fault. The challenge that personal injury lawyers face is that they have to prove negligence.

Personal injury attorneys have a reputation of being ambulance chasers, but they can help you reclaim financial damages and more.

3. Tax Lawyer

Tax lawyers are necessary because tax laws are so hard to understand. What can a tax attorney do for you?

They can represent you in front of the IRS. They can also help you resolve tax debts by filing an offer in compromise for you. This lets you pay a small amount of what you owe and give you a fresh start.

The real value of tax lawyers is that they help you save money on taxes. They can spot deductions that you can claim.

Tax lawyers are experts at developing financial strategies to help you minimize the amount of taxes you owe. This is important for retirement planning.

4. Business Lawyer

If you’re starting a business, one of the first people you need to meet with is a business attorney. When you register your business, you have to choose your business structure.

Many choose to be sole proprietors, but there are tax and legal issues that you might not be aware of. A good business lawyer will advise you on your options and tell you which one you should choose.

Business lawyers don’t stop at business formation. They’ll work with you on all aspects of your business, from hiring employees to enforcing contracts.

5. Disability Lawyer

If you have to file a disability claim with the Social Security Administration, get a disability lawyer. Very few claims get approved in the first application.

The majority of claims have to go through the appeals process, which can take years to complete.

Disability attorneys review your case to make sure you qualify for benefits. They’ll help you with your application, file appeals, prep you for hearings, and handle the documentation related to your case.

6. Criminal Lawyer

This is a type of lawyer that you should hope you don’t need at some point in your life. A criminal lawyer acts as your defense lawyer if you’re accused of a crime. Twibell Pierson can be a great help if you need an experienced criminal lawyer..

There are different types of criminal lawyers, too. Some specialize in DUI cases, which is important. They have a lot of knowledge about toxicology reports and how they impact your case.

Other attorneys work with traffic violations. They can help you reduce the number of points on your license and keep your insurance from going up. Traffic lawyers also help clients with license suspension issues.

7. Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer can assist businesses and individuals. They represent both in front of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Immigration lawyers assist with visas, green cards, citizenship acquisition, and political asylum.

They prepare clients for hearings, file briefs on your behalf, and find every legal possibility for you to achieve your immigration goals.

8. Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate attorneys deal with land, easements, structures, and water. They also work with zoning laws, property boundary lines, and property divisions.

They can also assist with real estate contracts. Some real estate attorneys work with investors on 1031 exchanges and tax issues.

In some states, you’re required to hire a real estate agent to be present at the close of a real estate transaction. They’ll review the documents to ensure the closing is seamless.

9. Civil Litigation Lawyer

Hopefully, you’ll never need this attorney. A civil litigation attorney defends people in civil lawsuits. A civil case happens when someone was injured (physically or emotionally) and they’re seeking damages.

This is different from criminal suits, which happen when you are accused of breaking the law. There are different types of situations that require a civil litigation attorney.

 Your business might face a lawsuit because of a breach of contract. Another example is if you have to defend yourself in a personal injury case.

Which Types of Lawyers Will You Need?

There’s a reason why there are more than a million lawyers in the U.S. It’s necessary to have so many types of lawyers to understand different areas of the legal system.

The specializations are important as you dig deeper into certain areas of the law. They ensure you get the right attorney for your situation.

What type of attorney will you need? You’ll probably use at least one of the attorneys on this list.

Need more legal advice? Check out the other articles on the blog for legal insights.

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