Lessons Learned From Judith Volkman – The Early Days of Your Marriage

Judith Volkman

The last few months have been quite the journey for Judith Volkman. While she has always been open about her personal relationships, she was careful not to get into the public eye too quickly. She slowly allowed herself to be drawn into the public spotlight and then slowly eased back into the public arena. Now that she is in the public eye, and the spotlight is focused on her marriage, it is important to look back at what she has been through.

When she got married, she had her friends to support her decision. Then, they all said nice things about her in glowing terms. Friends would say that she had a wonderful personality, or they would tell her how lucky she was to have found her true love so quickly. These words were interpreted as an endorsement of her new marriage to Richard. In fact, many of her friends said that they saw their friendship deepened as they witnessed her blossoming relationship with Richard.

During those times, however, Judith didn’t have many friends. Her close circle of family and closest friends were few and far between. Friendships were meant to be rare, and while they did happen, they were few and far between.

What happened to change all that? When Judith began dating Richard, she discovered a man who was interested in her for who she really was. He spent time with her on and off. He became genuinely interested in her life, interests and background. It was then she began to realize that there was something different about this man.

Before they started dating, she had confided in only a few close friends. Those friends would have known if she was unhappy with her husband, or that she just wasn’t ready to find a serious relationship. However, when she began spending time with Richard, she didn’t hesitate to tell those closest to her what a great man he was.

In fact, it was when Judith began seeing Richard that she really started to think about how to save her marriage. She knew her marriage was on the rocks because she couldn’t bear to think of losing him. The truth is, when she was having a bad day, Richard would pop in to see her. When they would talk, it always meant that they were having the best day of their lives – and that meant so much to her.

As time passed, they became closer. Slowly, they started having more romantic evenings together. They cuddled together on cold nights and talked about everything. Their romance blossomed into a real marriage. They were finally seeing each other as though they were meant to be together.

So, is Judith Volkman a quitter? No. I don’t think she ever considered giving up on the love of her life. Instead, she decided to face the problems facing her marriage one by one. If it took time, then she should have seen the problems and gotten help before she married Richard.

The first problem she faced in her marriage was money. They both worked long hours and saved a little money. This was terrible for the marriage because it decreased their intimacy with each other. As a result, there was less attraction for the sexual part of the relationship.

The second problem they had as a couple was the sex. The truth is, it wasn’t good at all. But still, both of them couldn’t admit it. They were always trying to impress Richard and to please him.

The third issue faced by Judith and Richard was that their children grew up. They both wanted to be a great example for their kids. Unfortunately, they never stopped thinking about their ex. As a result, they always made excuses to spend time with Richard even when their children weren’t with them.

When you know a couple who has fought continuously through their marriage and saved the marriage despite all the difficulties, you can understand how they dealt with the situation. They kept positive and never complained. They kept the faith. They both remained true to themselves and saved the marriage. Isn’t it wonderful? I am so glad I knew them.
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