London Living: Things to Do in Soho for Locals

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Did you know that close to 9.5 million people live in London?

Since London is one of the most famous cities in the whole world, it’s challenging to explore everything during a short vacation. Even people who are residents never run out of new things to do and see.

Soho, London is an incredible area in West End that people dream of exploring. Keep reading to learn about five exciting things to do in Soho if you’re lucky enough to visit.

1. The Box

The Box is an iconic Soho cabaret and club where you can treat yourself to drinks and unbelievable entertainment. In addition to the talented performers, your chances of bumping into celebrities and royals are super high.

Getting onto The Box guestlist is difficult, but not impossible. If you can only stay in Soho for a night, then The Box should be your top priority for places to check out.

2. Photographer’s Gallery

Once you’re done partying at Soho nightclubs, you should head over to Photographer’s Gallery. Art lovers will be blown away as they admire the six floors of art from photographers all around the world.

You can also cozy up in the Photographer’s Gallery bookstore or cafe to fuel the rest of your adventures.

3. Sister Ray

Records have made an explosive comeback in the music scene and Sister Ray is one of the most popular record stores in all of London. From rare records to classics and new releases, you can spend hours vibing to the good tunes while looking for your treasures.

If you’re not sure where to start, then don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with the kind and helpful staff.

4. Oxford Street

It’s hard to argue with the fact that Oxford Street is the most well-known shopping area in England. From quirky souvenir shops to independent boutiques and international snack shops, there’s something there for every taste.

Even when you’re not shopping, you’ll love watching the street performers, grabbing a bite at the pub, and taking photos with the gorgeous decorations.

5. London Palladium

If your ideal type of nightlife in Soho involves more PG entertainment, then you can’t miss out on catching a show at the London Palladium. The actors are brilliant and the shows are always thrilling.

Many performers also try to get the audience involved in the shows as well, so you can enjoy an immersive experience.

Now You Know the Best Things to Do in Soho

As you can see, there are so many wonderful things to do in Soho. Whether you’re on the hunt for Soho group activities or you’d like to take on London by yourself, you’ll never forget the memories you create there.

If you love to travel and keep busy, then you understand how tricky it can be to keep your itinerary fresh. The good news is that our blog has everything you need to stay entertained. Bookmark our site and click back often so you never run out of fun things to do.

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