Made In China: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chinese Manufacturing

Does your local delivery driver know you by your first name? Chances are, you are part of a growing trend of customers buying the vast majority of their products online.

The pandemic undoubtedly hit fast-forward on this trend, with eCommerce getting bumped from 23% of business sales at the start of COVID-19 to 35% a year later.

Suppose you have an eCommerce business or plan on launching one. If so, it’s worth understanding why you’ll probably source your products from the world’s most extensive manufacturing base: China.

To help you understand how this supply chain will work for your business, here are five facts you probably didn’t know about Chinese manufacturing.

1. Chinese Manufacturing Is for Small Brands Too

You might assume that export costs prohibit overseas sourcing if you run a small business. You might think that Chinese manufacturers only supply to large multinationals. At the very least, you might assume you need to order thousands of units to source your products from China.

The truth is far from this myth. Even a tiny startup can cost-effectively source products from China, and many manufacturers don’t have a minimum order requirement.

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2. You Can Dropship From China Fast

Perhaps you’re attracted to the idea of dropshipping. It’s a popular framework with no warehousing or stock costs and minimal risk.

But if that’s the case, you’ve probably felt China is out of the question due to long lead times between order and delivery.

However, in the past few years, the popularity of dropshipping has introduced better shipping options from China. Some manufacturers now offer express shipping with a lead time of just 1-5 days.

3. Cities Are Now Industrial Hubs

It’s time to rethink China as solely a place for low-cost manufacturing. In reality, there is a vast and growing hub of specialist knowledge and expertise, which means they can produce innovative products and competitive processes.

Take Shenzhen, for example. Shenzhen specializes in electronics manufacturing such as phones, printers, and robots. But there is also an entire industry supporting Shenzhen’s electronics manufacturing industry, including design, engineering, and a specialist workforce.

It’s breathtaking to think about what industrialization has achieved. A few decades ago, this city was a humble fishing village in China.

4. China is Evolving

China is no longer the go-to for low-cost manufacturing output, despite still boasting a top spot as the world’s biggest manufacturer.

With high levels of wealth and superb education standards in China, they are starting to become a preferred manufacturer for other areas.

China is the place to look for an industrial workforce, engineering and design excellence, premium brand manufacturing, and specialist technical manufacturing.

5. You Can Sell to Asian Markets

If you are trying to scale your business, you might feel tempted to add new product lines. But what about expanding to new overseas markets instead? And some of the most promising emerging markets are in Asia.

Choosing to manufacture in China provides a clever shortcut for marketing to Asian customers. You can use your manufacturing network to connect with distributors in Asia who can work with your business to sell your brand.

China: Manufacturer to the Entire World

Are you ready to start your search and overtake your competition? Now is the time to explore the vast choice available to you with Chinese manufacturing.

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