Mailing Packages – Unique Custom Mailing Boxes for Your Business

Custom Mailing Boxes

That’s why Wholesale Custom Mailing Boxes is an empty slate. A blank slate, with our wholesale custom mailer boxes, allows us to design and create the perfect product to meet each individual customer’s requirements. Each product is protected when it ships from your end to customers in the form of a custom mailing box. The shape and design of the box to create excitement in your clients to show off their most prized possessions in an attractive wrapper.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Our specialty is creating custom mailer boxes made from heavy-duty plastic, high grade foam inserts and durable corrugated cardboard. All products are made to meet United States Postal standards. This means that our mailers arrive quickly and leave on every doorstep with a guarantee. These oversized envelopes are protected against loss due to moisture or overnight weather exposure. We also offer large discounts for bulk orders.

Plastic Mailer Boxes

If you’re looking for custom mailer boxes with a twist. We have a variety of fun options that will make your marketing efforts more creative. You’re looking for bright colors and unusual shapes, our large selection of plastic mailer boxes in funky colors and eye-catching designs will inspire you. You need something more traditional and elegant. Our printed mailer boxes offer elegant designs in solid colors, blues, grays and tans. Whichever way you decide to go, our quality products will keep your promotional items safe and sound.

Types of Printing

Our custom mailer boxes come in several different types of printing, including die-cut, embossed, screen printed, full color and plain paper. Choose the type of printing that’s right for your marketing needs. Whether you’re printing on high quality glossy paper, vibrant colors or crisp white paper, you can choose from many different types of packaging.

Stacked Cube Packaging

With so many different types of printing, you have the option of printing one set of colors or a mix of colors and styles. You’ll also be able to choose an embossed design or add other type of customization options, like foil stamping. When you want your custom mailer boxes to reflect your business, it doesn’t matter if you want a basic box, laminated box or stacked cube packaging. We have boxes in every shape, size and color. Plus, if you know you’ll need extra boxes, our manufacturers can create multiple shipments of small orders.

Custom Mailing Boxes

For added appeal and to give your boxes a creative edge, many of our customers choose to add their own artwork onto the top of the custom mailing boxes. The artwork is created when you work with talented artists who can create a masterpiece with ink and paper that will only get better as you see it appear on your customized mailer boxes. Some of our customers choose to add a personal photograph or even a portrait of their loved one to their personalized box’s cover. Other artists choose to illustrate a piece of music, an image, an advert or even a logo of a popular product or service. Whatever the case, we can help you find the perfect piece of artwork that will look amazing printed right onto your custom packaging material.

Shipping Products

Another thing you may want to consider. When you’re looking custom mailer boxes for your business is the extra protection that they offer against natural disasters. Some areas are more susceptible to flooding, snow and wind damage. If you’re shipping products in these areas, it’s important to ensure that your boxes are as durable as possible. Our experienced shipping and receiving experts carry. The right equipment and extensive training to ensure that your packages are delivered with maximum protection. With our custom mails, you can rest assured that your items are protected. You can rest easy knowing that your customer’s information is fully protected.


We have helped thousands of businesses to design their own custom mails. Received rave reviews from customers for our work. So, if you’re looking for a new way to package and send your products, contact us. We are professional designers and packers with a passion to give you the most beautiful, unique packaging possible. From cardboard mailers to Kraft mailers and eco-friendly packaging materials, we can help you design and package your products in the most innovative and creative way. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.


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