Missing Klarissa Joubert – Was She Helped in Getting Found?


The body of missing 19-year old Klarissa Joubert was discovered on Sunday, January 24, by a search and rescue team from the Santa Barbara Police Department. She had been missing since early Monday morning. Her body was recovered near the spot where she vanished after walking along a bridge on the river. Search and rescue personnel were searching for another female victim that matched the information given to them by the caller. The body was not discovered on the scene, and it is unclear whether or not the woman suffered trauma.

Klarissa Jeanette was last seen on Thursday, January 19, when she went missing on the ocean’s western edge. It is believed that she and her boyfriend, 35-year-old Vincent Capri, took a trip into the southern section of the Santa Barbara coast, which includes the Orange River. Her cell phone was found within the vehicle at the site.

Search and rescue teams found the body of missing klarissa joubert on Sunday, January 24th, approximately six hours after she went missing. A passerby called the police department around four o’clock in the afternoon to report that he had seen a woman walking along the banks of the Orange River near Beach Boulevard. Two search dogs located the body at the location. The female was not wearing a life jacket and had no jewelry or money.

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The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has established that Klarissa Jeanette died due to drowning. The Coroner stated that drowning is one of the most common causes of death for victims of drowning in the Santa Barbara area. There are several other reasons why someone might go missing in the Santa Barbara area, but drowning is by far the most common reason for someone going missing in the region. Many reasons have been reported, however, for someone to go missing in the southern coastal area of California, but it appears that the drowning deaths of Klarissa Jeanette and the death of Karinaou Lou were unique cases.

On Thursday, March 3rd, a flyer was placed in the mailboxes of all residents in the town of Oxnard. According to the flyer, which was distributed to homes in the area, a 19-year-old Clarissa, who was last seen on Friday, had been missing since Monday, when she went hiking in the Santa Barbara National Forests. The flyer stated that searchers had been looking for a female, wearing a plaid shirt, shorts, and white sandals. It stated that the woman was last seen by a friend, while she was hiking in the forest. The friend notified authorities, and search dogs from the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department were searching for the missing woman on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 5th.

A local woman who found out about the flyers placed by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department stated, “I am disturbed and amazed that this type of publicity is brought to Orania. This case is still being worked, as we have yet to find her body. However, I am pleased and relieved that our local police spokesperson addressed the media regarding the flyer. The press should do the same.”


Search dogs were combing the whole area, looking for any sign of the missing woman, or any signs that she may have taken off. Search dogs are not a substitute for a real investigator, however they do have advantages in this search. They will often find bodies under the sea, or washed out to sea, and if a woman has disappeared swimming in the orange river with friends, there are likely to be bodies below the water. Search dogs also have the advantage of not costing a lot, so if the public wants to help in finding a missing woman, they can easily do so, for minimal cost. Search dogs have been known to locate human remains, and they have even been known to track missing persons.


On Thursday afternoon, Klarissa went missing from the Katella State Beach, near Ventura. On Friday, an investigation into the drowning took place, and police spokesperson Lt. Frank Corriveau said, “It appears that Klarissa was possibly trying to impress some people on the beach.” She had been planning to go to her friend’s house that weekend, and did not tell her friends or family members where she was going. She had last been seen on the beach wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and there was no sign of her having tried to get out of the water.


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